90-10 rule

Woman chase what they can't have in their 20s. And settle for what they don't want in their 30s.

You cant refute this.

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i can. they chase it in their 30's too

This is correct.

But the exact same thing is also true for men

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>Woman chase what they can't have in their 20s
Except they can have it, because men are thirsty and will settle if it means fucking.

Because of hypergamy and the difference in demand for penis compared to vagina, ugly women can and do date men who are better than themselves, and this inflates their self worth.

The bottom 80% of men are basically cut out of dating because of this. DNA evidence also shows that during human evolution this was generally the case that most men did not pass on their genes while most women did. The last few thousand years of enforced monogamy via marriage is a blip and the sexual revolution and feminist has undone it and released women's innate nature.

It's called working for your dreams, everyone does it and has little to do with your insecure view on relationships.

Reasonable post. Thanks for the logic user

based. BUT monogamy has produced some sexy specimens never forget

No its not AND when men cant get the 10/10 stacey they accept it and settle for the 6/10 chick.
>Except they can have it
>The bottom 80% of men are basically cut out of dating because of this.
>ugly women can and do date men who are better than themselves, and this inflates their self worth.
We dont have to be happy about that fact. Its not a good thing, hence why w should have arranged marriages.

like show me ONE model that doesnt have two parents, or was raised by a single mom/foster care LOL

>first post is a hole "men too" post
1- No.
2- Eat shit.
3- Kill yourself cuntoid.

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10/10 men don't go for 3/10 women. This dumb meme is retarded.

3/10 Women go exclusively after 8/10 men and above, What's your point cuntoid?

I think the point was made clear even for someone as retarded as you. Hot men arent interested in hot women therefore not hot women will settle for not so hot men just like you have to do. Stay in your class an make the most of what you have instead of being a defeatist, self loathing, pathetic, permavirgin loser.

Forced monogamy is an efficient societal system that we've thrown away for transient moments of penile and vaginal pleasure.

You're right. Sure they could fuck the 3/10 but they don't and damn sure wouldn't be seen with a 3/10 nor are they ever desperate enough.

Honestly I'm fucking getting tiered of this fucking shit, I've used logic and reasoning and is a well known fact this is straight up BULLSHIT.

If i see more responses like this if you aren't going to acknowledge reality AT LEAST I'm gonna kill a fucking roastie.

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>all women in the world are fucking Michael B Jordan even though he lives in hollywood

I agree but why do you care? Women were designed for big black cock. Most robots download grindr and get TOPPED.

It's only efficient if we also force weak men to die on a battlefield or coal mine. Allowing genetic trash to have a family is a mistake.

every man with a brain had a side chick and most girls had a few relationships before settling down for all of history. at the height of the churches power they couldn't stop people from getting "penile pleasure" you little queer.

This man is a product of monogamy.

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>Hot men arent interested in hot women therefore not hot women will settle for not so hot men
I can't even fathom how this level of retardation not only exist but also posts here.

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He cheated on his wives and got like ten girls pregnant. He was based.
It's absolutely true though. Real men have standards and prefer to have fun in their 20s.

And this us your average single mommy result, this us what the future looks like.

They actually believe their breeding a special superior class of humans.

You can't trus women and their primitive pleistocene instinct, they need to be ruled by force.

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See pic related after you see her response and don't waste your energy, fren.

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Evolution proves you wrong though.

Self-esteem issues: the post

I suppose we shouldn't let doctors, scientists and engineers reproduce if they're weak by some arbitrary metric some schizo on Yas Forums created in his head.
Also, how does fighting in war even determine your strength? Any "weak" person can learn to shoot a gun, any "weak" son can get lucky and survive war. Thus going back home to spread their "weak" genes. Your logic is really exposing your IQ.

>arbitrary metric
>invokes IQ
lol. let's just agree that you probably won't have kids and not worry about teaching you what genetic trash means.

You literally didn't refute anything I said. Your logic is flawed because you are stupid. You are quite literally the genetic trash you are so angry about.

>AT LEAST I'm gonna kill a fucking roastie.

Just go for it.
Why are you guys so triggered anyways? Because you know that most people on this board could get a gf if they just put in a little bit of effort and lower their standards?

You're voluntarily celibate but still pretend that women are responsible for your failure and that's just pathetic. A true robot embraces his abstinence from normalfag life and is content in his solitude

You didn't say anything except that you struggle with the english language and probably value IQ tests (lol).

there's nothing to refute. forced monogamy wasn't men controlling women, it was rich people controlling poor people. you don't need a lesson in any of this because you're an emotional kid who won't listen either way. this is especially ironic since you didn't define "efficient" as it was mentioned in the first post.

Most attractive women end up in relationships really quick. Men recognize their value and quickly commit to them. So these women are off the market almost their entire lives.
When you see single attractive women in the dating pool, the vast majority of them have something wrong with them, otherwise they'd be in a relationship, which is what pretty much all women want.
The most common flaw with attractive women who can't get a boyfriend, is punching above their weight: They might have decent value themselves, but they chase men with even higher value, who are no way in hell going to commit to them, because these men know they can do better, or maybe they "commit" but then treat the girl like shit because the guy always intended her to be temporary and replaceable. The driving force in these relationships, and why these women keep chasing them, is that the man feels he is too good for the girl, and the girl sees this and interprets it as the man being a high value, desirable prize she needs to somehow conquer. Of course she has no idea how to do this so she gets frustrated and complains about her predicament, sometimes to betas she recruits to try to satisfy her emotional needs that her "boyfriend" couldn't give less of a fuck about. "Where are all the good men?" she says. What she really means, though, is "why can't I find a high value man who is hot, has great financial prospects, is popular, and is better than me in every way, but who also treats me like a queen." It's insanity. These women want the impossible. They just don't understand it's impossible because they're too stupid and deluded to understand how basic dating dynamics works.