I don't want to die

We all die. We all die. Please tell me we won't die.

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>imagine we wouldn't die
horror, pure horror!

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Ah fuck this picture made me sad. Fuck....

Dying is the whole point, user.

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it's like before you were born. it'll be ok.

I used to be terrified of the concept of death when i was like 16. Ten years later i look back and i'm like kek

Eternal peace? I can't fucking wait

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>Ah fuck this picture made me sad. Fuck....
i would like to know if someone saved him

I'll die an additional time to cover your if you want

Three words, user: "Noli Timere Messorem."

>Noli Timere Messorem
my mother is a saint though

Yea but thats not the end user.

It means "don't fear the reaper".

Same. Maybe it was a flash flood and it stopped? Still, it just doesn't look like a good outcome for the dog.

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oh, then i agree

Nvm it looks like a bunch of waterfalls. Can't imagine how he got there.

Just take up some religion

Really, he's not a bad bloke. He loves cats. And his granddaughter is hot. A bit creepy, but hot.

How many times do I need to tell you?
Pratchett was a faggot

Which one though?
I would say he should try spirituality without going too religious. Sam Harris has an interesting book about it. Called "Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion"

yeah, that's why you don't have to fear him. just don't apple-pay him upfront for anything

>calling Terry fucking Pratchett a faggot

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the burden of living is your death yeet

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I don't know really, I'm agnostic myself
But you know, religion generally helps people with fear of death. So I guess any religion would be cool.
And I don't know anything about spirituality but from experience i think Christianity is quite healthy

I wish I would still feel that attachment to life you have....

>horror, pure horror!

People always say this but honestly I don't see it.

Yeah... Christianity is what my parents are and what they raised me on. I'm glad it wasn't any other religion (except maybe Judaism would've been interesting). But still, Christianity has a good sense of community, you just have to find the right church.
Spirituality teaches you to deal with your ego to the point where you realize "you" never "died" and never will. What happened once, can happen again.
I seriously don't hope I go to a hell / heaven. Both sound like hell.

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>hnggg dickworld
STFU fag

Interesting, i'll have to read about it
You recommend some books aside from the Sam Harris' one you mentioned?

Yeah so I'm thinking of:
"Going to Pieces without Falling Apart" (A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness) by Mark Epstein M.D.
"Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse
I've heard of "the Mind Illumanted" being a well in-depth course for meditation.
"On Having No Head" by Douglas Harding

I'll give them a try, thanks

Fool. Thinking there's rest after death? There is only more suffering

np, gl and have fun