"user I only slept with him cause I was trying to get your attention, are you really not going to date me for that?"

>"user I only slept with him cause I was trying to get your attention, are you really not going to date me for that?"

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I don't like stupid girls

I refuse to believe such people exist.

this thats really scummy

Not OP but believe it bro.
>woman has a crush on me
>gets upset that I won't sleep with her (didn't get tested at the time)
>sleeps with some enlisted fag instead, brags about him being her new boyfriend and is too mature to hang anymore because she has (((options)))
>she gets dumped by the guy instead
>tries to talk to me again, plays it off as no big deal and only an incel would be upset she had sex with someone else
>casually ignores the shitfest she threw when her friend was interested in me
Fuck women, they're all trash.

Is it not fair to assume incompetence rather than malice? Breakups fuck people up sometimes.

>Yes you stupid faggot! why the fuck are you still talking to me!
then block and then try to hook up with her friends.

if she looked like that i'd still date her ngl

You must hold fast in the face of temptations of the devil

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of course I wont date you, you've just show a major red flag, at any time in our potential relationship that you dont feel you have enough attention,happiness or what ever you'll cheat for it instead of using communication.

I would then proceed to block, ghost, avoid cross over areas irl for awhile

Hmmmm Im guilty of doing this but it never turns out like the OP. The guys still date me. At first they bitch a little but they always come around. If anything it actually works. It makes them move their ass.

Did you end up cheating on any of them?

Ummmmmm, one I think maybe but we were on a break I don't know. Most we only dated for a month or two.

Where you at? Maybe we can meet up and fuck.

>Aww, you really not dating me for using sex with other guys as a manipulating tool?
It may come as a terrible surprise for females, but yeah. That is not even a redflag anymore, that is some damn black mark of no return there.

So this may not be real, but what Im picking up is that if a girl tries something like this its a big red flag.

I had a girl cheat on me because apparently i wasnt spending enough time with her, even though i told her beforehand i was given more work hours, which meant more money.

so somehow its my fault, dropped that bitch like a bad habit

>"Yes I am. You could have gotten my attention by talking to me, actually giving a shit about me. I was just the excuse for you to get some action. The only reason I even sit here before you explaining this is so I can make it perfectly clear that I have a genuine distain towards people like you. Do not contact me ever again. I don't want the displeaser of seeing you 20 odd years down the line, worn from the years of one night stands, standing in front of me talking like you care anymore than you do right now."

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Why even say this? You think other people reflect on their flaws and accept responsibility for their failings instead of blaming the world around them for being unfair and imagining they themselves are the victim?

I understand that's a foreign concept, but they've gotta learn somehow right?

shoulda popped a cap in her ass

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uh.....no. Its my choice and I have guys I already know that are safe and reliable.

No, if anything when a guy won't move before we get together I found they are the same after and thats why it doesn't work out in the end.

>dropped that bitch like a bad habit
I doubt that. You guys usually apologize for not being there, promise to do better if only we take you back.

Sure if you keep experiencing the same thing it has to be someone else causing the issue. Isolating the common variable is my go to assumption.

>are you really not going to date me for that?"
Exactly, now fuck off whore

You clearly haven't met any human females between the age of 16-30.

If she would go that far to get my attention, I'd date her.
Seems like a keeper.

It's worth a shot, isn't it? Maybe people like that don't reflect on their flaws because they never get called out on them.

I don't interact with females and my bros give me shit for watching the show in the first place, but this was literally the excuse the main woman character in shameless used when she fucked the brother of her new boyfriend, who just gave her a job. She was in his office, telling him she fucked his brother because she told herself she didn't deserve someone like him.
I thought the guy was gonna take her back like a cuck, but he was a good enough guy just to transfer her.

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>septum piercing
>dyed hair
this alone should be a major redflag

cheating is my number one fetish but if you tell women that they'll think you're pathetic and leave you. you also can't be too harsh when it happens or you'll breakup, or she'll be too afraid of doing it again. pretend to do some soulsearching for a few days and be emotional about it before "forgiving" her and she'll be doing it again in no time

eventually she might get turned on by cheating on you and at that point you can be more open about it and pretend to be "broken" by her