Daily reminder that if you evade the robot by adding inane shit to the end of your unoriginal posts ("oregano"...

Daily reminder that if you evade the robot by adding inane shit to the end of your unoriginal posts ("oregano", "original" etc.) you are human garbage and a reddit tourist who doesn't understand the point of Yas Forums

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Sticky these fucking trips

i got warned for this the other day

but im not original, originally of course.

Its against the rules btw

To be fair, there are times when all they want to say is something like "What's that from?"
Not defending them, though. If you're typing something so unoriginal and it does nothing to contribute to the thread, you're a fucking normalfaggot or braindead

no I think thatll be fine btw because it was a joke so in that context its fine I think... Mods be kind

chad shit
you are a beta

The jannies don't give a shit

they should get creative, like, "what is that image from?" in the rare cases the answer isn't lurk moar of course
shouldve been banned permanently

I would be so happy if there were more (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)s on Yas Forums from filter evasion.

Does r9k actually compare your post against every post every made to check for originality? Or is it the last 1 million posts or so?

Holy shit, how the fuck did you pull that off, how are you this dumb?
Yeah, I get what you mean. Before that, though, they should try to contribute more to the thread, invalidating any possible originality like I did here, for you retarded visual learners

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i got a 24h-bann for it the other day. they do care (sometimes)

>actually compare your post against every post every made
No. It compresses posts by converting everything to the same case, removing everything but letters and dashes, and then finding the post's signature. The signatures are compared.

True robots evade the filter by blankspacing.

It could also use a hashing algorithm. Searching a database table of 57 million rows could still pose a speed problem, but the robot probably has its own optimized table just for the hashes (I hope, moot isn't really the best programmer).

The "signature" that I'm referring to is a hash. In fact, images also used to be md5 checked. That was removed, and now all we have are the same 10 fucking pepe and wojak images.
If I haven't said it recently, I hate all of you.

>57 million rows
i don't think they keep everything that was ever posted. if you only keep the last 5 million posts with an index its quite fast. in high performance times you can reduce the number of posts to compare to only 1 million.. the user wont know the difference

Seems kinda pointless since once you get past like 10 words its very hard for it to match any previous sentence ever made unless its very generic. Unless there were like trillions upon trillions of entries.

The point was to get people to stop posting "WHEN I WAS" threads.

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Original I am

what does it matter, i'll just reword it to get past the filter.

now why would you go and do that, spill the beans like that?

>In fact, images also used to be md5 checked
Yas Forums still does that on all boards. For example I just tried to post the picture thats in the OP and I got "error: Duplicate file exists here", though its very easy to circumvent with 4chanX's live image editor that allows you to quickly doodle on the image you're about to post, allowing you o just add a single black pixel anywhere to change the hash.

Then you're not circumventing it, you're playing by the rules and coming up with an original post.

It's still that extra step that made people post fewer frogs.
I prefer just rotating it a couple times.

i feel like sometimes threads die because someone posts something and they don't go on posting because no one replies (because replies at this early time in the thread would be unoriginal posts). you can't even say "thank you" or "very interesting, go on", ... basic stuff that keeps a conversation going

Its always possible to elaborate

yeah, but it needs extra-effort which isn't always worth it in earlier times of a thread

Reminder that moot disabled the bot years ago because it was a failed experiment and gookmoot brought it back because of nip autism.
Now lurk more newfag