Post music that makes you feel good

Post music that makes you feel good.

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this is unironically the catchiest thing i've ever heard

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Huh, had just been recommended this by yt. Yesterday I think.

Idk why but this song kind of cheers me up.
I seriously mostly listen to sad or mellow music.

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You're no fun

This song always pumps me up.
Dio was better than Ozzy.

This makes me remember how easy it was to have a GF, until she cheated on me

Not sure why this exists but so glad it does

oh my fucking god The Gaslight Anthem.
nostalgia makes me wanna kill myself

I love it because of the bassline

I keep this one in my back pocket for anytime I need to feel like I have a cheer squad.

>You're no fun
You take that back (good song by the way)

>no elo
Fuck you guys

>You won't take me for a ride

Oh boy, now's my time to shine!

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Got to see em live. Top 10 moments of my life was giving him a lightsaber.
(Not at this show but this is a great performance either way)

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Just thought I'd have to give you guys this one

It always makes me feel a load better as it's an upbeat version of my favourite music

>pic not related

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i pour i pour i pour

>based god

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Yemmo are fast and they steal hoops from the Amu