Whats your favourite girls name? For me, its Alice

Whats your favourite girls name? For me, its Alice

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For me, it's Samantha

For me it's Emily

Ruby, for sure. I knew a femanon called Alice once though.

For me, it's Caroline.



Lucy is cute. May I give my thoughts on a couple of these?

Probably something that starts with a J like Jessica

Of course, go on fampai

Haley and Lexy are my 2 favorite names.

English names for girls

namelets gtfo

Caitlin, spelled correctly with a C and no y's
Fuck off with your chink names

I really like Alice too, user, one of my favourites beside Lili and Hanna.

Alice is a nice name, def on my top 10
that's the name of my cat! Very cute name, but I prefer calling her Sam.
Emilies are always good people, maybe a lil bit short-tempered
unusual name at least for me, don't have strong feelings either way, but unusual names are cute
Caroline sounds like a bossy kinda girl
Sophias are usually very cute girls
Jessica sounds like a redhead, maybe it's Roger Rabbit's fault.
Lexy is cute! broish kinda girl

For me, it's zoey.

If I had a daughter, I'd name her Morgan


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For me, its Elizabeth

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fer mie, itz lizabefff

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do you mean my "favourite girl's" name or my favourite "girls' name"?

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My least favorite is Tori. Fuck you, Tori.

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wtf there are no girl names that don't end with a vowel

don't be fooled, this post has a lot of content

I want to call my future daughter Isabelle
Or I also like Eliza, Violet, and Florence

Probably Nancy if anything

My favorite name is Penelope, still I have yet to meet someone with this name.

I seem to attract a lot of girls named Haley. So I have good history with that name, but it's not one of my favorites.

Here are some good ones in no particular order:
Noelle / Noel

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english girl names suck. change my mind

idk i think lydia is a really pretty name