Be me

>be me
>get plastic surgery bc I'm Korean
>turn into 8/10
>only really want money
>meet a rich chinese fob
>gives me an allowance in exchange for me living with him and fucking him
>get my own room
>get nice tv, nice computer and accessories
>meals paid for
>dream life paid for
>feel so empty inside still
>spend most days playing video games and talking to orbiters

I look in the mirror and I can't recognize myself. I don't remember what I look like most days. I have no friends, and my family doesn't talk to me.

Why am I still alive? Why am I still going ?

What's the point to life?

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This bait is not that bad actually

Post face pic or this is a LARP

>What's the point to life?
Why do you care? There's nothing for you in it, you're korean you never had a soul to begin with.

I'm still pretty insecure about my appearance so excuse the filter

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Learn to stop hating yourself and you can live happily ever after with ur rich chinaman. It really is that simple.

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>turn self into object
>get treated like an object
>realize too late that youre basically furniture
accomplishment is earned not given
attaching yourself to someone with money isnt a goal its a circumstance
what have YOU done with your life

what fucking timeline is this

Well what are you going to do about it? Use your head.


Okay here's what you do: recognize you're living a vapid life and throwing away true connections such your family and the potential to make real life friends for stupid pixels and shiny things. You should start developing a skill that can eventually be built into a career so you can be independent. Perhaps go to school or get an entry level job and you can meet real friends though those avenues You're right, in your current state their is no point to your life, you're pretty much some randos pet/doll. It's up to you to get yourself out of that situation, just like you have to realize you put yourself into this.

This. You had one shot and you wasted it.
Hope he beats you when you have kids and they come out ugly bc you didn't tell him you spent ten grand on your face desu

Have a baby, it fills a hole in the heart many people dont realize they even have. Plus, your life will revolve around the baby after that so your own life doesnt seem so important and daunting that you havent accomplished something.

Also, what did you get plastic surgery on?

what do you think? niga michin kimchi nyon
your life is empty

talcorset is the only way

So you're a NEET? Do you not have a job or go to school? Never had any ambitions in life?

You fucked your way to the top and now crying? LMFAO go get a job. Ofc your friends and family won't talk to you, you use yourself as a sex object lmao.

The thing is, he sees me and treats me like a girlfriend. He is kind to me and takes me out often

He even gives me the freedom to see other men if I choose to.

At this point, what more can I do with my life?

I think you're right about earning my accomplishment, but I'm not sure what kind of work i can put in to feel satisfied.

Huh, this is good bait. I don't know, it sounds like you got what you wanted, including talking to us orbiters. Maybe go build relationships with your family to start, and then find some female friends who like you because you have not ulterior motive and genuinely would like for them enjoy their time with you?

Well you got money so well done, now ask yourself what on earth is what you really want.

And don't be so hard on yourself the crisis of meaning is mainstream.

>but I'm not sure what kind of work i can put in to feel satisfied.
bukhan ingwon undongka

You sound like the average Korean if your unsatisfied with life. Most people just kill themselves so you could try that if you want. Either way your supposed to struggle in life it's what were made to do, so the solution to your problem is to fnd a difficult yet rewarding goal to chase.

He probably thinks of you as his girlfriend. Can you just be his genuine friend? There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery or being beautiful, I don't see how that's related.

I got surgery on my eyelids, lasik, fat removal from jaw, and botox.

I went to school for an engineering technology program, but dropped out after mental issues when friend committed suicide

I mean, my family doesnt know what i do. The friends i do have cant relate because they think i have a good life.

>get done watching an Elliot Hulse video about how life is supposed to be struggle
>see this thread

lmao. women are on another level. they want to be queens and princesses but don't realize being a queen was an actual JOB, A DUTY. all women probably need to go watch Elizabeth (1998) or read history or something, yes, read up on history. that will probably start to enrich your life over night. learn a skill. create something. do art. it all starts with you making a choice.

>getting plastic surgery
>interacting with the Chinese
>being basically a prostitute
idk what you were expecting

Ya are kinda living my previous dream. Besides the plastic surgery since I already am fabulous enough. But Chinese rich guy. Daamn!!!

Instead I deal with poverty, despair with a poor scholar pole bf in cold north. I think this constant anger and pain keeps me alive, added to that I am truly loved. Half of my family does not talk to me either but it's, because they are ashamed for what they put me through.

I think you should think about future if I was you, I'd probably want to have basement of yank robots that I could spit grape seeds at. Or family? Focus on some hobby.

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Your friends are 100% judging you, there is no doubt. You are lazy and relying on your looks, either get married to the guy so you can divorce rape him after or go out and do something with your life.

You have an obligation to make sure he remains loyal to the party. All Chinese are still party of the middle kingdom, ensure that he doesn't stray.

get a skill or hobby, you have infinite money/time

Thanks. I really do want to go back to school eventually, but I'm completely lost on what i want to develop as a skill. I want to be able to sustain myself on a stable income. But the amount of work for the amount of money i'd be making as right now really makes it hard for me to choose a proper career i'd enjoy for the rest of my life.

yeah thats great and all, hes basically hugh hefner to your playboy bunny
thats usually how this trophy girl shit works, you are property, an expensive car, a work of art, a pet
you might even eventually have a kid, and as they grow you will in turn grow to despise each other, tethered at the groin by a child that neither of you wants anymore because it shackles you to a constant living reminder of the biggest, most permanent mistake you made in your entire lives

you want advice:
a. stay on birth control
b. talk to this chink, get to know him as a person rather than a provider
c. set some short term goals for yourself and commit to accomplishing them, not because you think they need to be done but to prove to yourself that you can commit to an action and see it through to completion; treat it like brushing your teeth, just something you have to do every day
d. figure out a long term plan based on whether or not you can see a future with this guy or not, decide what you want to do with your life, build some aspirations or something, dont just rot waiting for your good looks to escape you

and realize that YOU ARE REPLACEABLE, at any given time he can trade up for something new, if you are dependent on him and your family has cut you out of their lives, dont do anything fucking stupid to piss him off or distance yourself from him because god knows nobody from this shithole is gonna house you if you end up out on your ass

your families probably feel the same way i do when i read your posts. so it's not hard to see why the don't speak to you.
self reflection is a helluva drug.

Thanks, ill keep that in mind haha.

>turn into 8/10
Lmfao maybe in korea. You're a 6.5 at best sweetie. Post the before pictures, I want to see your goblina past.


It's just half of family. Other half communicates with me fine.

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aigoo michin changnyo

Thank you for this, i'll keep it in mind.

Actually, i know very well i am replaceable, because he broke up with me last year when i started to neglect his needs.

He found a different sugar baby. I had to pull a lot of tricks to get him to take me back and get rid of her.

He ended up buying me a bag as an apology too, which was somewhat of a shock.

Most people living in modern society live a fundamentally meaningless life. Endlessly consuming shitty media wont bring you any fulfillment

The true purpose of live is to survive, a human being feels most fulfilled when he is able to autonomously undertake decisions which directly affect his survival.

Good luck with this, though apathy will more than likely lead you down the same road as upper middle class house wives and just start taking pills to dull the pain.

Why not just move east and find a Russian oligarch bf, you get lots of money and all you have to do is put up with his sadistic torture/rape sexual fantasies.

Pics as requested

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Maybe you should become an alcoholic, that might be fun.

>get your entire life paid for just for existing
>still complain about it
at literally any point you could find a nice guy and start at family if you wanted a more fulfilling life

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