Why is everyone depressed? Even my normalfag friends who are successful and have friends are depressed

Why is everyone depressed? Even my normalfag friends who are successful and have friends are depressed.

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>Why is everyone depressed? Even my normalfag friends who are successful and have friends are depressed.
>my normalfag friends
>my friends
what are you doing here? why are you trying to pretend to be a robot?

some of it is probably genetic and some probably depends on if you think theres a point to life or not. people in the west are very nihilistic which might increase depression. lifestyle would add to it too like if you are obese you are more likely to be depressed.

Society as we have it has shitall to look forward to but lots of ways to disappoint and marginalize everyone.
How would anyone with even the slightest introspective not feel depressed af or at least melancholic about it?
"Succeeding" is not even worth it.

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We had it in the 90s when Christianity was the mainstream culture. There was some semblance of community and treating your neighbor as human.

Now it's just a zero sum sociopath game where everyone needs to shit on each other to be alpha.

For me, thing that I find most depressing is I can not find any point or purpose in all this. Why did I go to school, study, just to get a job? Now what? ? Just do this 50 years? For what? What is supposed to be the end game in all this? I am confused.

I think our brains can't keep up with the dopamine floods from this age of technology and social media user.

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fuck off to wizardchan mate. r9k is a normie board now

Modern society causes depression. For someone like you who likely doesn't participate in society, your depression is shallow. You think that all there is to it is sex and friends. It's deeper than that. Capitalism has made us miserable.

>normalfag friends
I got bad news for ya

we live in huge machines that we dont even understand
we work meaningless jobs so that we can survive
born into nothing, going nowhere.
and they keep us hooked on little dopamine rushes to keep us going

i know that you already knew this but thats basically how it do

what is "depressed"?
depression is the most overdiagnosed shit ever.


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it started a long time ago


> Decades before the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin lamented that English settlers were constantly fleeing over to the Indians - but Indians almost never did the same. Tribal society has been exerting an almost gravitational pull on Westerners for hundreds of years, and the reason lies deep in our evolutionary past as a communal species.

It's probably not depression. Despressions the one mental disorder you need a full flow through of a chart to confirm, and need to remain in the state for six months at least.
It's probably something else.

This is kind of a cliche but I think it's absolutely true. We need a larger amount of dopamine to get us motivated to do anything. Media in general has been in a dopamine arms race for a very long time and we've developed a tolerance. Normal life goals don't really excite us like they used to.

You can combat this, by the way, by actively reducing your background dopamine.

jfc with the racebait already. we get it. the natives are better than everyone else

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the jews are in power

>be me
>homework to do
>open Yas Forums
>hours later:
>homework to do
>reopen Yas Forums
>hours later:
>homework to do
>grab the Switch
>lay on the bed
>play vidya
>hours later:
>dinner time
>pause the vidya
>feel dizzy
>still 100% homework to do
>literally, W-T-F
>depression ensues

I was when i was around 25, then i realized it's a meme, look at me, 28 virgin unemployed, no money, driver license, been to jail, almost become homeless, wss a heavy drug user, alcoholic, alone and somehow when i stopped doing drugs and drinking i felt better about my self and im trying to improve myself, unironically

Just how like actual pedophiles dont go around telling people that they like raping kids, people with actual depression dont go around telling people that theyre depressed. If you ask me its a combination or woman being retarded and thinking because Chad dumped them that theyre depressed and depression and other disorders like anxiety being used as jokes by those pesky youtubers

>Why is everyone depressed?
Because of multiculturalism destroying all sense of community, now everyone is atomised and there is little to no hope of a good future

>normalfag friends who are successful and have friends are depressed
they (like you) just pretend

Based Native American
The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

This world where you don't even consent to get born is shit by default. Happiness is like a drug, a coping mechanism. Hopes and dreams are distractions from the truth. There's even a cult of living claiming we should enjoy life and all their bullshit. You can't even find guidance on killing yourself without some snitch telling on you to their hive mind and putting you on some suicide watch. Fucking clownworld.

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The reason everyone defaults to trying to stop people from killing themselves is because our economies run on increasing population size
they're farming us.

you killing yourself hurts corporate profits so they will do everything in their power to demonise and prevent suicide

The unabomber manifesto explains it, read the part about the "power process" and "surrogate activities".

It's just a meme these days, everyone is "depressed" or has some kind of mental illness

you procrastinated yourself into depression.

Life is either too easy or too hard. Also, constant exposure to bad news. Also also, the coronavirus pandemic makes extroverts sad.

Even if people feel like they're doing well, they never feel like they've been doing good enough. They'll never feel like they're enough because there's people always doing better than them. Either that or they feel too pressured to do well, that they would rather die than live up to unrealistic expectations.

That's what i fucking felt like the past year. I used to feel that every single fucking day.

Well then r9k needs to be deleted