Ask someone who lives in Japan, anything

Ask someone who lives in Japan, anything.

I've been here two years, and yes I teach English. Pic only tangentially related

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why did you decide to do it, and what is your daily life there like? any regrets?

How many of those little sluts have you fucked

How do they feel about Pajeets?

which part of Japan?

I worked for three years coming out of college, it was a horrible grind, and I wanted a break. Plus, I've always been interested in living in Japan. My daily life is really comfy, especially now that most English teachers are "working from home." My only regrets are the time I am wasting career-wise, but I'm still okay for now that my future isn't ruined yet. It is still a big resume gap either way.

Only 1, and 1 foreigner. Both in the context of relationships.

Lower tier than white people but probably higher tier than black people.


what is that from? Early Summer? Tokyo Story?

How the fuck do I get better at jap, iv been studying for 6 years

Tokyo Story, yeah.

You've been studying longer than me user, so if anything you should be giving me tips. I haven't studied since last year. I am only N4 level

what qualifications did you have and how hard was it to successfully apply and with who?
>I worked for three years coming out of college, it was a horrible grind, and I wanted a break
im in the almost exact same boat but im only on year 2 and i want out
>It is still a big resume gap either way.
its not exactly just a gap like it would be if you were a neet even if its not progressing along a specific career
you could probably quite easily become a teacher when you go home
would you get a normal job in japan if you could?

I'm on the JET program. If you want to teach English in Japan, you really only need two qualifications
>a college degree (any)
>at least enough social acumen to at charm/fool interviewers
Applying to JET is like applying to a college, with a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and taking nearly half a year. I prepared a lot by researching interview questions once I got past the first cut of personal statement, and I got in in 2018.

And yes, I would get a normal job in Japan if I could. I still really like it here and I wouldn't mind living here longer-term, but definitely not as an English teacher. It's low skill, decently paying, but incredibly intellectually un-stimulating.

Are Japs less bitchy than white women? Or is it still the same old shit

What as your degree and GPA? Do they care mostly about the interviews?

will they hire me to teach english i only have an associates in comp sci

not the japan user but they care less about what you study in college in japan than the school you went to. not sure how that applies to Americans but im sure it matters a little.

forgot to mention i'm a NEET and would rather give private lessons to a cute anime girl as long as she pays for everything

>to a cute anime girl
Well in that case, you must first leave this reality somehow.

how's the mental health care in 2020? has it changed in the last 6 years since I first gave up the idea of moving to japan?
how taboo is it to get medications for mental reasons?
and if you can find out, do they have an equivalent of quetiapine/seroquel? might be as simple as searching up "schizophrenia/antipsychotic medications" or "what is quetiapine" in Japanese but I don't know because I don't speak jap.

if satisfactory answers, I have more questions.

sorry you might not have the answer to this but do you know anything about trying to get a job in japan that isn't english teacher through something like JET program but instead trying to get a job in japan as an engineer?

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do the japanese people hate foreigners?

Don't know about less bitchy, but Japanese women are way classier.

Very mediocre. I studied psychology and finished with something like a 3.0. GPA doesn't matter, neither does degree. It's just a requirement because the teacher visa requires a degree.

No. Get a bachelor's. If you could program you could maybe work here but it would be a nightmare to get a company to sponsor you. It is not completely impossible but it'd be a million percent easier with a degree.

Honestly no idea user, but I doubt it has changed much in 6 years. If you have schizophrenia don't live abroad. I tried to paste the Japanese text here but the robot won't allow me to do it.

Do you speak Japanese?

Not in my experience, unless you are being really obnoxious or creating some kind of disturbance in public. Amazingly, Japanese people are still excited to meet foreigners, though much less in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka.

Do most people speak English in Japan?

Nope. You can still navigate daily life without English, but Japanese people who speak English fluently enough to carry on a normal conversation are very rare. Japanese people hate having to speak English unless they're one of those people who are obsessed with learning it/really into gaijin dick

What country do you live in? It seems interesting.

thats because English is retarded to have conversations with. people take the shit you say literally sometimes because you have so many and, buts, literallies, this, thats, thes and with slang thrown in there too, sometimes slang isn't in there. with English there is either no room for you to interpret stuff or it's all slang you have to interpret.

Japanese language is more implied and i'm sure there's less border slang. people from opposite sides of America sound completely different.

Are Japanese companies generally willing to hire foreigners if they speak the language? Currently minoring in Japanese mostly just for fun, but it would be neat if I could actually make some use of it.

I'm originally from the US.

I change how I speak English when with Japanese people. I'm not one of those assholes that peppers in idioms like "Yeah I really screwed the pooch on that test yknow?" or "I think she's not firing on all 6 cylinders" and expect them to understand.

Holy fuck you don't want to work at a Japanese company as a foreigner. Their regulations and culture is completely different than anything you're used to. You think nepotism is bad where you are? You think power harassment only happens in manga? Japan is literally known for overwork deaths (called "Karoshi") and being a foreigner will only make your experience worse.

yeah. i don't use idioms with other Americans if they're younger than me, that's how fucked American English is.
Japanese if someone asks how your day is, you literally just go, "day, good", but it isn't seen as being "short". if you said that in English people would think you're retarded.

Yeah never heard of it, quite making shit up.

Yes they are, so long as you have at least N2. And being a foreigner lets you get away with not having to do a lot of things that Japanese people have to do, though you will still have to do overtime if you don't want everyone to hate you. Everything else is up to how much you care about fitting in, while also keeping the knowledge that you never will truly fit in.

I wouldn't go that far, but I think it's just common courtesy to speak any language slowly and clearly when that language is the person's second.

I'm in Tokyo myself.
Get a Japanese girlfriend. I studied the language myself for a year in the US and a year in Japan. About a year after I met my gf my ability doubled. Before I was studying all sort of vocab, but when you have someone to talk to you realize what vocab is actually useful.

Is this still going on? lol
you've been making the same thread for years man, instead of making fucking amas bring us good content from japan or something, what a wasted opportunity.

What would I do, vlog or something? Or make threads like "I'm in Yoshinoya dubs decide what I do"?

Anything beyond fucking amas, have some respect for yourself
You're better than "hey I went to japan look at me"

I appreciate it user. I can't believe you recognize my threads. I do write a blog but it has too much personal info to put on Yas Forums. I don't think I'm really interesting beyond happening to live here. I don't see much crazy shit either partly from living in the countryside as opposed to a big city.