Was justice served on her?

Was justice served on her?

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No. It was an entirely emotional response. Perhaps the world is a better place without her though.

Is this Bianca or what? Explain

Yes, fucking whore. And let that be a lesson to any of you cuntoids reading this. Women do not deserve to have all the power and liberation they do without recourse.

"shoe-kun" what a faggot

>don't do this


He should've killed her AND himself

so if i'm reading the context right, the guy killed her over this.
not saying it's right, but you fuck with people at your own risk.

>he killed a person
>weak ass sissy
lmao more balls than you would ever have faggot

Well as they say, Life is Unfair. What can you do about that unfairness

shouldve went on a spree after the world doesnt need so many whores

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Killing a defenseless woman that's half your size doesn't take balls you delusional faggot, or are you such a scrawny little bitch that it would be a challenge for you?

Killing someone is the weakest of the weak. No pride in taking a life. Especially if it's someone weaker than you.

Killing one person isn't a small thing, he killed her entire bloodline. She would have kids, and they would have kids. He killed them all, he killed an entire bloodline over his inability to get over a girl.
Grow the fuck up anons, Bianca was a bitch but to end a bloodline over something as small as this is retarded.

How many people have you killed pussy

Sounds based to me whore got her comeuppance

>I'm wrong and upset so I'll retort with an irrelevant question

How many brain cells do you have left pussy

That was not an appropriate punishment, it was murder plain and simple. She posed no threat to the man, he could have easily just blocked her and moved on with his life. She would have been punished as she got older, she'd have probably gotten depressed as the male attention faded.

>Killing someone is the weakest of the weak.
Alright now this is just retarded.

Someone post the image of her

She fucked around and found out not hard to understand Whore got what she deserved and his only fault was not live-streaming that shit Only your average woman would fail to realize emotional abuse and degradation would lead to resentment

I am not wrong he killed a subhuman and no one should cry over hoes So why act like he his actions werent based

Well maybe she shouldnt have made it hard for him to get with girls. He only drove her 2 hours to a music concert where she ghosted him, hooked up with 3 othrs guys then demanded he drive her home without any sex as she promised. She deserved it.

>BPD foid gets killed by codependent retard
no justice here just autism

Why can this adult guy not just grow the balls and just stop simping?

this is beyond cope
killing someone is one of the bravest acts imaginable
it's a beautifully transcendental act of rebellion against life itself
I have more respect for mass shooters than anyone else on earth

No clue why but it is funny and at the expense of one random slut I am not exactly going to say it wasn't worth it. She overplayed her hand and got murdered for it.

>Defending the guy who killed a stupid e-whore

Huh? I think you quoted the wrong person.

Yea, it takes true strength to just let your enemies walk all over you with no repercussions.

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You guys are telling me you'll risk jail time for some foid? LMFAO.

If some unhinged incel murdered her I wouldn't stop him or care. Women create these men, they can deal with the consequences.

I think the guy made the wrong move, like if I was in his position I wouldn't do it due to jail time. But like if there was no risk of getting caught, I wouldn't blame him

Never said I would but you keep simping for this dead art hoe and it is quite pathetic. She got exactly what she deserved and no one should shed a tear for someone who was as arrogant and self absorbed as her. The world is a marginally better place without her that is just a fact.

Thetree of libertymust be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Thetree of gender balancemust be refreshed from time to time with the blood of simps and e-thots.

incels being mad that their world still hasn't changed because some cumdumpster got murdered

I don't feel bad for her, I don't think the guy should have killed her because he would get jail time. That's why I said he should have just left her and went off and done something else.
If I was simping for her, I'd have talked about bullshit like gender violence

No, but she did bring it upon herself. If it wasn't this, then something else would have gotten her. Maybe some other dude she played or a drug overdose eventually. It's a shitty lifestyle for trash people. No better than hobos living on skid row.

Should someone post the other one where the genders are reversed and nobody got decapitated?
I mean I think the situation with gender relations is total bullshit as much as the next guy, but that screenshot is a mild example of something that goes both ways.

Boohoohoo, people die all the time before having kids and with abortions too, so many bloodlines are lost all the time, get over it

I mean what difference would it make?