ADHD is based

dont know what id do without it

must suck not to have it

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what is good about it. also what happens if you dont take medication

Joyner Lucas is pretty great

ADHD is a problem created by society. The condition itself in the wild would have been advantageous as ADHD individuals are very creative and are able to hyperfocus, you don't fit in the system so you're seen as a victim of a disease.

Imagine sitting down to work down on an assignment and then 5 hours go by without you doing anything because you keep walking around and thinking about random shit. It isn't as bad in a public environment but you still zone out and get distracted by your own thoughts quite a bit - it isn't easy to resist because it feels so good to just leave the real world behind. When I was at school and we had sport, it was very common for me to not pay attention to any of the instructions the teacher gave because I would zone out. When I was riding a bike once I nearly rammed into a truck once because I wasn't paying attention to how far away the turn was, nowadays I am too scared to drive a car if I'm not on meds.

You are also prone to make impulsive decisions.
>are very creative and are able to hyperfocus
There is no evidence that people with ADHD are more creative,and the ability to hyperfocus is indeed good but it's something that only comes into effect when tou're doing something you are entirely interested and invested in. If you are working some generic office job then this will not happen and you will be fucked.

That's why I'm talking about the wild - like how humans were actually meant to live.
ADHD individuals would have excelled in shit like hunting, they would literally be able to hyperfocus on shit like that.

Ok what if this describes me and I am not diagnosed. Is it possible to not be diagnosed as a child?

Yes, I didn't get diagnosed until I was 17 after my school grades kept on dropping because of assignments. Even then I was the one who decided to see a psychologist about my problem
If they were generally invested and enjoyed hunting then yeah, they could benefit from the hyperfocus. The problem is that if they aren't hyperfocusing then they're fucked

Welp, time to post this puppy again.

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Look at this list of positives, in a hunter-gatherer society these people would have been charismatic as fuck and some of the best hunters. There's a reason why the genes for ADHD have constantly been passed on, if it weren't even the slightest bit advantageous to our hunter-gatherer ancestors we wouldn't be seeing so many ADHD people.

>mom puts me on ritalin at 7
>gives me severe social anxiety and turns me into a robot
>dont get off them until 7th grade
>start smoking weed
>parents beat the shit out of me, get put on adderall
>now addicted to adderall

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do people lose weight on adderall because of loss of appetite only, or does it change the way your body works?

i think ADHD is just so prevelant because a good portion of parenting styles in america are borderline abusive and trauma mimics adhd

makes you burn calories fast and not eat
not just appetite loss think of never feeling hungry and that if you tried to eat your body would act like you were eating dirt, lack of saliva makes it impossible to swallow and you dont get any enjoyment out of it

Amphetamines release dopamine and that tricks your brain into thinking it's not hungry and a lot of the blood goes to your muscles and not to your digestive system. I have also read somewhere amphetamines slow down your metabolic rate too.

>a good portion of parenting styles in america are borderline abusive
oh come on, this cannot be the reason.

ADHD brains work differently, they don't get as much dopamine as normal brains. ADHD is very genetic heavy, inheriting certain genes increases the chance of you developing ADHD. Doesn't mean you'll get it, but the chance is there at a greater amount.
American/Western parenting and culture just encourage this shit, we don't read books as much, zoomers have 10 second tiktoks to look at, social media is instant etc.

the appetite decrease comes from the norepinephrine release not dopamine release

not to mention that in schools, recess is often only an option for elementary students; anyone above is stuck inside a classroom for nearly 8 hours straight; even if you don't have ADHD, that's gonna bug

Mb, yes you are right, and to correct ADHD meds increase your metabolic rate not lower it

this is not adhd you fucking retard

speed is based, make sure to up your dosage and abuse the shit out of it
wish i could get an adderall script in eu

Everything he mentions are symptoms of ADHD and he's been mentally diagnosed with it

I did speed during my prom at 18. I got drunk sniffed some speed. I close my eyes and suddenly I see my ex-gf and her friend carrying me telling me to calm down, i was acting crazy lmao.
Couldn't sleep till 6am and thought I was going to have a heart attack

>forget to put on deodorant
>hasn't brushed teeth in weeks because forgets to

sure user your completely disregard of personal hygiene is caused by adhd
enjoy your free pass)

lol thats exactly what i did and still do

fuck you OP, I have ADHD and I hate it.

I can't stay focused on anything for more than 20 seconds, and I can't be on meds anymore because they fucked up my blood pressure too much and gave me too many bad side effects (hair loss, twitching, restless leg syndrome). ADHD has been hell for me all throughout my schooling years into college, and I'm barely hanging on as is. it isn't a "cool thing" to be afflicted with this shit -- it's horrible. the anxiety that comes with it hasn't helped much either. you can't "control" the hyperfocus of ADHD. it just comes and goes at the most inopportune times. I can't even sleep right now because I'm stuck on fucking Yas Forums at 3am and can't get off the computer for my life.

I wish my brain was normal so I could just live my life and keep up with other people instead of being constantly distracted because I have to see everything at the same time instead of one thing at a time. it's maddening.

again, fuck you for even suggesting this is a good thing.

Yes, short-term memory loss is a common symptom of ADHD

whats your relations hip been with porn usage? IM curious if people with adhd are coomers

Not him but I struggle to spend even 10 minutes looking at porn and I have ADHD. I get an impulse to look at it but then I can't stay invested and just do something else. I can only get it off to doujins sometimes

I'm also not him but i was diagnosed with it as a kid and I coom a lot, usually with really long sessions