I just turned 18 five minutes ago. I've been coming here nearly every day since I was 15

I just turned 18 five minutes ago. I've been coming here nearly every day since I was 15.
Please tell me it gets better

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It doesn't. I was the same as you but stopped coming here for two years. I thought I was finally free but I eventually returned.

in most timezones you're still underageb&

i haven't been here for six years before today and coming back and seeing how nothing had changed was depressing and made me feel like I did the right thing. I really think you would benefit from not coming here anymore, I think things definitely will get better for you, good luck

Happy bday user!

It might get better as long you don't have high expectations

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It won't get better if you stay here

Happy Birthday. It doesn't get better but at least you have human rights now.

It's hard to tell and really depends on the person. I'm 21 for reference. You basically have to keep moving. It will absolutely get worse if you get older and do nothing.
If you go to college go for STEM or business. If you don't go to college go to trade school or be an apprentice. If you're not doing that at least have a job. Not some pansy wagecuck job either, work construction or some shit. Talk to people as much as you are able. Honestly don't worry about women, you'll find they're really not worth all the grief the more you get to know them.
Life is no longer nearly as linear as it once was. You can waste years doing basically nothing and no one will stop you. Try to move away from your parents but staying with them us great for saving money.

I noticed you got a little sexier. Hey there, gorgeous.

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>Please tell me it gets better
I think you already know the answer to that OP.

"better" isn't a static state
things can get better, go bad, get better again... it's a constant struggle unless yuou're lucky enough to achieve some stable and sustainable happiness.

you cant control how things will end up, but you can control your efforts to make things better.

Bro leave asap. I know high school probably sucked but this is your chance to make something of yourself. Step one is blocking this board. All of Yas Forums really

im 19 bro it does not fucking get better, leave before you get stuck man

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the 18 year old. the fool. the simpleton, the naive child. the baby. born yesterday.

the 19 year old. the humble elder. superior. wisdom beyond their years. centuries of living have provided them with an unshakable knowledge. capable of providing profound insight.

Marco Gonzalez is 23 years old.

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>Please tell me it gets better
it gets better

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it doesn't, faggot, buckle up

>been here since 15
Lad, way to shoot yourself in the fuckinng foot.
No, it gets worse you moron. You should have been out doing stuff and coming here at 18 sad and depressed because your first love shagged someone at her first college party (or told you she was raped so it doesnt make her a cheat, mostly they just say it was an accident they were drunk so it doesnt count).

Jesus if I see my kid on Yas Forums imma slap the shit outta him. Least till hes 18 and old enough to decide, yep, lifes going no where.

Honestly though most people shouldn't give up on life till 25.
I get pissed at cunts 18-19 on here going >forever alone
Leave the fucking house.

basically this

you have a chance to follow a normal path and get laid, just get a job and keep getting out there

Happy birthday user

I'm 19 and at uni, no it doesn't get better. I peaked at 16 in terms of girls, I made my best friends at 16/17 and still talk to them this day everyday even though we're all at different unis.

Uni is shit, the people are fake, the friendships aren't real or anything. Foid worship goes full overboard, women peak during this time. For guys like us, life is hell. Constant sex and hooking up with girls will not be available for us, we will feel so left out.

But the only good thing is you have more freedom and can finally take up hobbies and do whatever you want.

this, have been browsing since I was 13 and am 21 now. It's permanently warped my life perception and as a result i'm completely miserable.

Yeah the keep moving part is huge, because while doing nothing feels good for a bit it really wears you down and it is so hard to pick anything back up.

You need to be strong. Set some goals, set some routines (such as working out).

I'm sorry for this. 13 is way too young age to be here, around the toxichiest of toxic boards in this site. Probably on the whole internet.

should specify i didnt start browsing r9k til around 17 but still. the site in general is fucked. I have had a couple of relationships to be completely honest but they both left me extremely miserable and bitter.

Me too, but I am 28 now. 13 years on 4 chan...

Happy birthday.

Things only get worse, user. Life begins to open up to a paralyzing number of choices and burdens. If you're already depressed, it'll be hard to cope. My mental health has slowly declined since my teens, and it's not gonna stop doing so until I die. The same will probably go for you.

This guy pretty much summed up anything that could be said in this thread. I went to college for a STEM and it seemed to have worked out for me. All memes aside, to live is to struggle. Just keep on struggling my dude.

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Happy birthday user, and just know that life will always have its ups and downs and what matters isn't the end point rather the friends and good experiences you have along the way
Wish you the best fren, stay strong

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now that youre 18 you can stuff 18 fingers upp your ass

No, it does not get better.
Honestly: The more you go forward, the more you recognize that the few hours of happieness you will gain in a month dont outweigh the suffering. And you will realize that you have to keep doing this for 60 70 or even 80 more years if you dont set an end for yourself.

It does not get better. People who say this are either memesters or have had some luck in their lifes, on which one cant realy count on.

Do something you think is nice, maybe study shit, write a testament, and then set an end to the suffering

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