I'm planning to buy this for the Switch today, I haven't played a Mario game since Galaxy....is it worth playing?

I'm planning to buy this for the Switch today, I haven't played a Mario game since Galaxy....is it worth playing?

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yes. If you really liked Galaxy, then this game is the perfect middlepoint between galaxy and 64.

Play 64 if you haven't, then play Odyssey

haven't played it but heard that there's too many moons and maybe too easy. but that's just what i've read here so

I liked it but it wasnt my favourite mario at first. Ive been retaking it and im seekng it in a new light just on the amount of collectables.

If you're gonna buy it, why ask? Form your own opinions.

It kind of sucks ignore the shills

it's a lot of fun. it's a shame the price never goes down though.
if you are the kind of person who feels compelled to 100% games, some of the more difficult moons will annoy the shit out of you.

Not as fun as other titles. Too many Moons that are just there for filler.

It has the best movement controls I have ever seen in a videogame.
It feels really satisfying to control mario, the controls are very precise and fluid.
It's the best 3d platformer I have ever played

Like some anons said, it’s like a middle point between 64 and Galaxy. It’s fun, maybe a bit short but also replayable.

Worst part it’s the fucking price that never drops.

Played too much like a garbage N64 Rare collectathon

just tried this on shitty emulator. atatcked frog and then i'm frog what the fuck is hapepnign. does toad tell me what happenings

Cappy helps you possess things, ESL-kun

good thing it doesn't completely suck. then it'd be called Super Your Mom Odyssey.

then it'd be free because your mom's just a thirsty slut.

it seemed like the frog posseed mario in the movie scene

There are too many moons, a lot of them you'll be saying 'really, that's it?' when you get them. I also hated the fact you could buy them even if the game doesn't count them as officially collected. I don't know what lead to this design decision but it seems Nintendo wanted to emulate the style of play for mobile games that give you easy sense of gratification. You'll still have harder moons to get. You may also find the other purple coins annoying to get. Otherwise it's a fun game though I'd say not as good as previous Mario games. Still fun.

I was underwhelmed by it at first but after playing for like 4 hours something clicked and I realized it was the best Mario game I've ever played. My only problem is it feels too short.

If anything, it takes after Mario 64, but it has enough spinning and gravity mechanics for Galaxyfans to like too.

It's really boring, OP. The expanded movement seems cool initially, but then you realize that fucking everything is useless compared to the extremely rote throw hat > dive onto hat > throw hat > dive again, so that's all you end up doing. Also the level design is garbage and you almost never get chances to really use mario's kit. Your entertainment will come from trying to cheese the extremely easy obstacles with the hat bounce trick. it's also really short, like 5 hours long

Good game with the best controls in a mario game but if you go for 100% you're gonna feel burn out

Yes, if you stopped playing Mario games because of how shit galaxy was you'll almost certainly like the direction Odyssey took the series.

>middle point between 64 and galaxy
what is this new shit meme? did some youtuber say this or something? Odyssey's great because it ISN'T like Galaxy. It's actually got fun controls and large levels that are fun to explore. It's the opposite of Galaxy.

odyssey is trash, it's a forgettable grind of a game
as is botw. both will be looked back on as failures.

too many moons and too easy, the combination makes it absolute shit, it's like you collecting coins in a mario game but every time it plays a cutscene

Yes, Odyssey is a fantastic game. New Donk City alone is one of the best things Nintendo has ever done.

It's got something for everyone and options to play however you want to. You may not find every moon satisfying nor every capture option meaningful but I know people who do.

I consider the first Galaxy to be Nintendo's finest achievement and I still loved Odyssey. Yes it's overall pretty easy and a bit short but I think it has some of the most creative design in a Mario game in quite a while. It's especially good for those who had a bad taste in their mouths after 3D World.

>3 years later people are still mad that BotW is a good game

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>I consider the first Galaxy to be Nintendo's finest achievement
That's some shit taste you have their user. You should try actually playing games rather than watching them, then you'll start to see why garbage controls and physics are a bad thing and that "epic visuals", DEEPEST LORE and orchestral soundtracks aren't all that matter in a game

To each his own but I will never not consider it anything less than a masterpiece and Nintendo's finest hour. Galaxy was the game that proved Koizumi is superior to Miyamoto.

>this kind of pretentious ass language
>over a shitty wii game with dumbed down controls
lol. as the other guy said play moar games. Even within the mario scope there are far better games

it's the same controls as 64

just saying the truth which is that if it wasn't mario and was not a nintendo game you wouldn't give a second look because it's absolute fucking dogshit