The katana is the best melee weapon in any game, hands down...

The katana is the best melee weapon in any game, hands down. How are Yuropoor "broadswords" even gonna compete against superior Nippon steel?

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>How are Yuropoor "broadswords" even gonna compete against superior Nippon steel?
By slicing those gay katanas in 2. Japs can't even develop the muscles to hold a European longsword. Those swords are made for Chads only

I'm more of a flail guy

They weigh pretty much the same.

bastard swords and claymores have better aesthetic than a glorified saber

>Japanese steel
Katanas are unironically the way they are because the steel was just that bad.

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But are about 8 inches shorter on average while being the same weight. This is not a good thing.

>virgin katana
>chad sabre

>dogshit steel
>heavy for its size
>no good point for stabbing
>no crossguard
>no pommel
>no springsteel, has a tendency to bend
>blade is fat despite being a cutting weapon
>can’t grip the blade effectively for armored opponents
>somehow superior to western swords
Katanafags are idiots.

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Halberdchads ww@?

>european-inspired fantasy world
>there's a token katana or two
Pure cringe.

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Hal and berdpilled.

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>Be Zweilanderfag
>Raid English villages for centuries because of superior reach.
>Cut through practically all forms of armor due to superior weight.
>Outmaneuver fencers die to superior weight and form.
>Literally shatter anything that isnt a broadsword into pieces due to superior steel.

I’m more of a pollaxe man, but halberdbros are cool.

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I don’t give a shit what people say, the yamato is cool.

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Japanese metal was so impure and terrible that they had to fold it several times to purify it

the whole reason the katana exists is because japans metal was so horrible and thats why the katana had to be a precision weapon because the folding would thin the metal

the broadsword is so many times better and is not forced to be a precision weapon out of shitty metal it will always be the most practical weapon in its own right

reminder that if japan got good metal then they would use broadswords and would've been able to fight things other than themselves

also quick reminder that these swords couldnt cut very solid thing like other metals or else they would shatter

Yeah the katana was a massive achievement in metal working specifically because it was so fucking hard to get an actual sword out of Jap steel. They had to sift it out of sand for Christ's sake. Beautiful product for how limited their resources were, and a rare, expensive symbol of office for the caste allowed to carry them. They weren't something you'd see floating around that often compared to edged weapons in Europe, which were still expensive to the common man but didn't have the religious reverence associated with them to nearly the same degree.


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Why do you guys reply seriously to such obvious bait? It is honestly cringeworthy to see you guys explain for the 100th time why actual swords are better than katanas to some guy who's obviously taking the piss

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I don't think I've ever seen a great katana player in Dark Souls. I can't speak for two or three because I was only active in PvP in the first one, but it really seemed to be the weeb's choice and actual dangerous dex players would be using the buffed swag sword or...anything else, really.

there is a chance this is real

This is your brain on anime and pop-culture.

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unholy fucking based

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what if katanas were made out of good european steel?

just use a saber lol


I hate trannies and have watched a billion anime.
Explain that one punkster.

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They'd make a better sword design instead. Katana's are an elegant solution to a problem. If you solve that problem you don't need the design anymore.

too thin to make a difference
plus a katana was made only for Japanese steel

They'd be a waste of material.

As said and would imply. They are not good swords and their form is a result of the tradeoffs made to get a "functioning" sword out of the lowgrade steel.Just use a saber if you want a single edge. But we all know polearms are where it's at.

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It would snap because longswords are massive and made for resisting hits

This is all irrelevant the true weapon of chads is the axe
>requires far less steel, meaning you can arm more men
>exceptionally easy to use and kill with, heavy top end makes it effortless to crack skulls
>can be double sided with an attachment for anti armor
>also great for chopping trees for comfy fires

Weren't samurai primarily archers/riflemen anyway?

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They primarily cut down random peasants because of micropenis syndrome.

Spears, polearms and halberds were more common, more effective and far more versatile than swords and katanas combined.

You all swallowed the hollywood pill.

>also great for chopping trees for comfy fires

If your blacksmith caught you using his battle axe for wood-chopping he'd crack your bloody skull.

Childhood is liking swords, adulthood is knowing polearms/halberds are the real weapon of men.

I just get really sad whenever I see a character from Fate

>he didnt bring his own whet stone
Fuck off Magnus you should have brought your own

One funny thing I found out recently is there were efforts to train swords men to deal with polearms, but the response was just to give the peasants a little training to counter the training and it wasn't a big deal because they were just handing them a weapon with no training in the first place. So the anti-pole training quickly fell out of favor and many swords just became side arms for when you couldn't use your polearm.

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2007 called.

you know fantasy exists outside of movies right

>what is Kriegsmesser

The katana is literally a sidearm for killing peasants. The only good sword is the gladius.

Imagine being this fucking proud of being new.

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Shut up Tolkien Beowulf was better.

what was that one about the king with the special
fairy sword?