Streets of Rage 4

Are you enjoying it?

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cucked sjw nushit? No thanks

Why are you so obsessed?

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please explain, schizo

>letting identity politics live in your head rent free
Imagine being this much of a cuck

What's the opinion on boomer Axel?

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>Black people are in the game, must be identity politics
>Women are in game, must be identity politics
Imagine being that retarded, to not even be aware of the games history before saying muh sjws.

He is fun to play but his design could use tweaking. If they unified his palette to two colors instead of the four he’s got going on that’d help a lot.

>this is considered sjw
Fuck off. The based frogs who made this game didn't cave in to the twitter trannies when they complained about Blaze being too attractive.

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It's on PC Gamepass if you didn't know already

I like the idea behind him but wish they tweaked his design a bit. Blaze's design is 10/10 though.

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The game doesn't seem SJW and it's pretty fun.
First SoR game for me and I'm enjoying it on hard.

Just try it out
1fichier. com/?w4abeirb8ezl4a43uo2o

It's not considered sjw. Ignore the fags farming (you)s by spouting buzzwords.

Design, soundtrack and aesthetic are top notch. Wish the game was a bit longer though.

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are the french actually retarded? this is the worst game i've played since Remember Me

Immensely. It's the best beat em up in the last 10 years. Fuck the contrarians.

Try Furi

Are you actually going to give reasons why, or are you that braindead retard trying to shill his YouTube channel in these threads?

I wish she was in the game

I wish the default movement wasn't so slow, also it's annoying when I get combos broken but I'm not going to pretend that isn't my fault. (Playing on Hard)

at least it's not as bad as Omikron


>Alex gets so fucking pissed he's been unplayable since sor1 he fucks some bitch and has a kid to take up more of the roster

- No dashing
- No running
- No rolling
- No defensive options
- Soundtrack is lame
- Boss battles are too long

The game looks nice but it's stuck in the 90's design wise. Even Streets of Rage 3 had better mobility options.

Pick Cherry so you can at least run.

>we could've had a floofy-haired girl character

She will be.


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How do i counter the cop stun gun grab attack?

>no dashing
Adam has a dash.
>no running
Cherry can run, which you acknowledged.
>Even Streets of Rage 3 had better mobility options.
Streets of Rage 3 was not as good of a game as 2.

Also, I love the soundtrack personally.

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Why the fuck does Shiva have his modern image even though only SoR3 Shiva is playable? If they wanted to use the modern image of Shiva why not use Modern Max as well instead of the classic one?

Really wish 4 player coop wasn't exclusively local

To sell it as dlc later.

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im enjoying it i just wish you could run forward and roll up and downward like in 3

The original composer made the best tracks

I just cleared stage 2 and I'm pretty terrible but yeah it's fun

Proof? Is she suppose to be an enemy or playable character?

>lazily pastes the same images from his shill folder in every thread
i hope they're not paying you for this

Please go to steam discussion page and stay there.
Nobody here cares about your concern trolling.

We will add her as an enemy in one of our future dlc.

Just posting character design sheets. Don't see how this is "shilling" anything.

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Be playable already you slut.
It goes for you too Shiva.

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How do I achieve this body?

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im not you fucking shill
every character should be able to run

SoR3 was good, in fact I like both versions of the game (Bare Knuckle 3 and SoR3) due to their different ways of balancing. It's not as big of a jump from SoR1 to 2 but it had good ideas and mechanics. The star system for example, in 3 every additional star up to 3 gave you a new move or added to your dash attack. In this game it seems the stars are just for a crowd control special move that doesn't use health. The music isn't as good in sor3 vs 2 but some tracks stand out. The 2 different final levels were a very cool idea though and I wish there was something like that in this game, better than what remake did IMO. Remake had too many paths for it's own good, to the point where it's just fucking confusing if you're trying to stick to one route and suddenly get stuck on another.

First SoR I play. Bought it just because I love Yuzo K music.
Beat it last night, it was fun, though the netcode it kinda shit on PS4. Couch co-op will be definitely better.

>1/2 lives on hardest/mania

You basically HAVE to get the 1up score to beat the level. Does anyone know the values for points and the best high point scoring tactics?

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They only got away with this cus they have nigger dykers and posters of men with big cock bulges in the game too


>level 1 ost
>starts with a familiar but not the exact same melody to go straight and then turns into it's own thing
I almost shed a tear.

10 years in the wilderness.

How do i achieve this body?

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