Do you support any indie developers?

Do you support any indie developers?

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By buying their games? Yes.

Myself, pls chek my RPG maker gaem MY Diary, desu. It's on steam, on sale, it's stale and it's not really a game, 60 bucks, but hey it can't be worse than uhm, you know Kojima's dumb games.

I say encouraging words to them on forums after i pirated their game

I know people shit on Witch Trainer but it literally checkmarks everything I find hot. Corrupting a big titty Hermione is basically like god made a game tailored to my sexual fantasies

What do her nipples look like? Can I google image it? What do I search for?

It's great but the grind is greater

why does she have cum in her nose

I'm thinking of supporting the guy who's making LonaRPG. He made a post yesterday saying his patreon is getting shut down for "sexual violence" so he's moving to other funding sites. I just discovered that game a few days ago and holy shit, is it one of the most interesting and ambitious H-games I've ever played with a clear, uncompromising vision on what kind of content he wants in it. It would be an absolute shame to see him give up due to taste police.

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Only verbally.

nice art-style

Why are there so many threads about this game lately? It's 5 years old at this point and everybody hated it when it came out because it was a rushed and grindy piece of shit that Akabur stopped caring about.
Looking back, Princess Trainer was a fluke.

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This is not a Princess Trainer thread, though.

Seems like a cool game but I hate playing unfinished stuff.
What's the best finished Hgame?
Possibly something with a beginning and an end


How much is done?

Yes. Oko

fuck off shill

>insane grind
>chibi sex
>barely and fetishes explored
>corruption isnt well done

why do most wegs have such awful art and why are they so popular

four elements trainer

Magnificent, thank you. Although it’s not the OP girl

The worst offender being "Innocent Witches". It' soooo fucking lenghty, and nothing ever happens.

Too bad, i remember akabur talking about how he wanted more chibishit but it didnt sell so he didnt put a lot of it in. Which is good since chibi sex isnt sexy at all. Then people funded princess trainer gold and he put in a bunch of garbage nobody wanted.

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>start second book
>alright ready to fuck the crazy sister
>have to manage milk cow human female farm
>thats hot shit
>almost no content of it
>keep playing
>bunch of drama and relationship shit i dont know/care about
>5 hours in im playing a fucking pokemon knockoff with crabs
jesus christ what is wrong with WEGfags, i dont care about your game, i want good porn, then you can add some non-grind gameplay.

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but user
copying =/= stealing

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>The best VN of all time
>It's not even Japanese
how the fuck did the krauts do it

Is there a site with all of akabur's games?

the last time i heard anything about this the dev was arguing with people over the definition of ntr.

>Thread about indie games you support
>mention indie game you support

Because Akabur is a perfect example why you should never give money to someone based on promises. He's also an example of how having too much money given to you greatly slows down the development process.

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Looks like 30% based on the version number?

I played through Witch Trainer Silver a week ago.
It was fun. Kinda suprised at the length, took me like 3 or 4 nights to finish. And I didnt even do any of Hermoines public sex stuff. I reached the end for content for every other character though except Luna. Also I wish it gave me some warning that starting the autumn ball would end the game.

I've been watching Wild Life off and on for years. Models and animations are nice but everything else is barely functional or not in the game.

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yeah, buying games i'd play even if i won't have the time too.