Naughty Dog Employees Forced to Watch Snuff as Inspiration for Last of Us 2

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Do you think Truckman spends all day masturbating non-stop in his office? Because I'm getting the vibe he does.

isn't forcing your employees to watch homicide videos against some sort of law?

>Naughty Dog Employees Forced to Watch Snuff as Inspiration for Last of Us 2
desu old Yas Forums already has these guys beat and then some

He'd be an actual man if he did, how can one Goyim be so based. Bless him.

>snuff movies
Aren't there educational videos used in the medical and law profession for such things?

If you're going to lie at least go all out and say forced at gunpoint.

Mortal Kombot modellers and animators use real-life crash footage and similar references to more accurately show how people's organs get torn out from them

Does anyone know if they watched Irreversible by any chance?

police and medical forces do the same thing?

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in fairness, they're gov't employees, not vidya makyrs

lol no we dont

yeah but those jobs come with actual careers, you're not a disposable codemonkey

I wonder what lasting effects that'll have mentally.

thats pretty based ngl

He's a jew, not a goy you dumb retard

Isn't snuff ilegal?

that's a pr myth though.

Most kids now days grow up watching snuff videos, Internet has changed everything

Sony gave them millions to make a product, Naughty Dog is the one that forced its employees to watch gore.

imagine wanting to work for naughty dog because you really liked their goofy collectathon 3D platformer on the ps2 as a kid and once you land the job some insane oily jew forces you to watch mexican cartel videos so you can accurately portray an enormous tranny murdering people

Stellar work.

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>homos, femdom, violence, snuff, etc
peak Jewish degeneracy

Fucking millenials.

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The death gargling from X gave that away for me, no untainted normie could imagine those guttural bubbling gasps you release when your throat gets slit

A cis white women gets Hella jacked to murder degenerate lesbians. Sounds good to me.

typical kikery treatment of goyim

Do these retards realize they're making a VIDEO GAME and not some high brow literature? Even MGS with all its heavy handed messagery never forgets what it is and any 4th wall breaking commentary is usually still respecting the player and the game itself.

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American game development. You sick fucks need therapy.

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not for jews or anyone in the santa monica area.
didn't you playing vtmb?

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>firsthand description vs. Worldstar on full blast
lmao nah


>Even MGS with all its heavy handed messagery never forgets what it is and any 4th wall breaking commentary
Which is why MGS doesn't fucking work, furthermore what does
>Do these retards realize they're making a VIDEO GAME and not some high brow literature
Even mean? Video game must be childish and immature?

yes, jews were involved in this game. how could you tell?

I'm not even surprised by shit like this. The ones that virtue signal the most usually have the most shit to hide as well.

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Could be worse, the Japanese seems to be immune to that sort of thing.

Who made this?

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I'm just waiting for all the SFM porn where >she dominates Ellie with >her massive she-cock.

what game is this?

>a video of a person being actually stabbed in real life
>educational videos used in the medical and law profession
That doesn't sound legal

None if you're not a faggot. I can watch that kinda shit for hours.

think of all of the things the devs have seen which they can't unsee, all for this

It still won't up Manhunt

As a media creator myself there is nothing wrong with educating yourself on the themes and details surrounding the thing you want portray like say an apocalypse where people are desperate and brutal hand to hand combat is normal.

This is pearl clutching retardation. There are plenty of reasons to shit on ND but this ain't one of them.

>Which is why MGS doesn't fucking work
The fuck? MGS works just fine and is one of the most cherished video game series of all times.

>Video game must be childish and immature?
Video games must still be aware they're video games. Nobody is playing a game to feel bad about killing a dude. They're playing for the sense of reward, progression and narrative that follows it. Cuckmann and his gang are making a statement against video games as whole. His hate towards the medium shone already through with Uncharted 4, which had the story of a soap opera.

Also the way he portrays brutality and death is typical millenial depressed cunt who can't also embody his stories with a sense of hope and optimism. He probably styles himself the video game equivalent of GRRM when it couldn't be further from the truth.

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goys are disgusting
t. chosen one

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Feels bad man