Trials of Mana

How faw awe you guys?
What does youw team wook wike?

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Please tell me this game comes with a Nipon dub.

Not only can you change everything to jap.
You can even choose the original music.

Doing a NG+ Hawkeye/Retard/Wetard run

Honestly shocked how much I ended up liking this game. The pacing almost has that arcade game quality

Just gone done with everything except leveling to 99, which I'm not gonna bother with. Time for a new playthrough with the characters I didn't pick, I guess. I should probably take a day off to not burn out in the middle of the second playthrough but I'm locked inside and fucking bored.

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are those Charlotte and Kevin? Or Charlotte and Angela?

God Charlotte makes my heart jump out of my chest, I want a daughter so bad


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How can you forget the biggest retard?

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If Charlotte is 15 years old that means someone was looking after her for 5 years while he was still in a baby form.

This would mean (if Seiken Densetsu have human biology) she had super baby learning and pick up language, sorcery etc. extremely fast, also explains why elves are autistic.

But she is an elf mutt so maybe that explains why she talks like a wetard

Riesz and Charlotte from the sound of it.

Rogue spells scaled from Agi/Dex in the original, and Luck in this game.

Basically think of Luck in the remake as a combination of Agi/Dex and Luck from the original.

>she had super baby learning and pick up language
Did you see the Kevin ending montage in the credits? Babies have fucking superpowers in this universe.

Does it have real subtitles for the Japanese audio, or horrible dubtitles like FF7R?

No its horrible euro dub, if you make your own translation patch if you know how to unpack unreal engine

Best you can get, you have to deal with some shitty changes he made

Change forms+ seems kind of broken for normal encounters. Multi hitting spell that makes enemies level 1

No, I meant the subtitles.
Do they translate the Japanese audio to the subs, or they show the English dub audio?

This game has no right to be this fun.

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>changing names of characters
Man, are we in the fucking 90s or what fgsfds.

that's what i mean horrible english SUB*

So a few threads ago people were saying it sold really well. Where does the mana series go from here? Would you play a Secret of Evermore remake?

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Can I reset my level yet? Update?


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The translation is pretty spotty. A lot of names were changed and don't match what people are saying some of the time.

Beat everything, wish the post game was a bit more expansive barely got to use my 3rd and 4th jobs and shitting on the entire game from NG+ isn't super appealing.

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Its what happens when fagget trannies get control of anything.
These people are professionals, they literally came from tumblr.

Well, fuck.

whats up with pirating this game. its a fucking mess

Only Hawkeye and his and Riesz boss missing for me. Probably gonna join them with Angela again. The eyecandy is just too strong to resist.

Begone poorfag

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I've played Secret of Evermore like three times and I still can't remember what actually happens in the damn game. It's just that forgettable.

Meanwhile in Secret of Mana I can pretty much mentally run from the beginning of the game ot the end (excepting the mode 7 world map which I never got the hang of).

I don't claim to know Japanese, but know enough "anime dialogue" to notice this changes in, as I said, FF7R.
I'll wait for a sale then.
I think that Judgment game had 2 subtitles options, for Jap audio and dub dubtitles, yet fucking Squenix cant do that in their games.

dude same

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Man, I want put my sperm on her mouth so bad.

>the Kevin ending montage in the credits
I fucking loved that scene. one of my favorite story additions to the game besides duran and kevin fighting their dads to get their Class 4 orbs.

>Game looks it's from 2009
>Poor translation in the year 2020, especially when we're not in the PSX days anymore
>Barely anything to do post game
>Gameplay is sluggish and more slow than the original
>Your party members barely has relevancy in the story
>Everything is extremely linear
>The villages are all empty with personality
>Reclasses are lazy looking than unique
>The VA for the dub is garbage
>The game is easy except for one boss that's early game
>The models are very rigid, showing they didn't care putting much of a effort for animation
>Charging full price for a game like this for $60
>There's barely any risks in the game
>Everything is utterly predictable
>Doesn't bother to change things up to make things interesting
>It feels like Dragon Quest but all of the stuff that made Dragon Quest good been sucked out
>Game is very short but feel like it's artificially padded out
>Animations for spells looks worse than the original
>The ost is worse than the original
>Textures are over-saturated
>The combat is too easy despite the terrible gameplay
>The final boss is a joke
>The only replay value is just different party members, nothing else
>Looks worse than FF13, a game that was on previous gen
>Switch version plays like shit
>Will likely never be cracked since it's protected by Devuno and nobody is gonna bother cracking a soulless remake over other games
>The game is likely to have poor sales since it's a remake nobody asked for(Inb4 somebody say something about FF7R being a remake nobody asked for)
>The story is more bland and generic than the plot in Mario and Luigi RPG titles
>Only getting attention because it's to combat FF7R posts here
>Only getting attention because people are using as a example on how you do a remake, which is wrong since this game is on the same level of being a terrible remake like Majora Mask 3D
>Only getting attention because furry faggots or coomers
How long will it take for you to go back to /vg/

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doesn't it also jew you out of most/all the exp for that fight? I haven't played around with it yet, but that's how it worked in the original game.

>Still in Japan after one weeks
Looks like it's never ever fwor me.

volcano island after the ghost ship
light riesz/angela, dark kevin
might swap one of them to dark for cumslut costumes

Fair point, I don't remember anything about SoE either. Sometimes I'm not even sure if it was a real game or a fever dream and I have to go google it to remind myself that I'm still sane. It's just got that permanent association with mana games in my head for obvious reasons.

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Why do you talk like this OwO?

I’m always here user

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Do I need to play past games?
I beat Legend (Adventure? can't recall its name) on PSV, bought Secret on PS4 but still haven't played it.

No you don't. You might get a kick out of playing the original SD3 first but that sounds boring to do unless you've REALLY got nothing better to do and like snes jrpgs.

Becwase it's cute and fwunny

>only 3 more years and Charlotte is legal age (human years)

what now heath

>How faw awe you guys?
on my third run. just got to palo with Hawk, Riesz, Angela.
on my first 2 runs I used all 6 characters and then made some extra saves at the end so I could check out every class. anyone have questions about any class?

>Play Riesz/Hawkeye route
>Meet the Kevin/Charlotte villain
>Immediate route regret

Hint: lower the resolution and cap file size at 2.95 MB, so they won't look this shitty.

1983 fag here, so I love SNES JRPGs.
IIRC, the Switch collection has the original titles, should I buy that, are the Secret and Trials remakes good or did they lose any charm compared to the originals?

nah, Riesz is not a retard

>Do I need to play past games?
not really. the games take place hundreds of years apart (or maybe on different worlds that all have mana trees?) so you don't need to play previous games to understand the story in this one.

>Game wooks it's fwom 2009
>Poow twanswation in the yeaw 2020, especiawwy when we'we not in the PSX days anymowe
>Bawewy anything to do post game
>Gamepway is swuggish and mowe swow than the owiginaw
>Youw pawty membews bawewy has wewevancy in the stowy
>Evewything is extwemewy wineaw
>The viwwages awe aww empty with pewsonawity
>wecwasses awe wazy wooking than unique
>The VA fow the dub is gawbage
>The game is easy except fow one boss that's eawwy game
>The modews awe vewy wigid, showing they didn't cawe putting much of a effowt fow animation
>Chawging fuww pwice fow a game wike this fow $60
>Thewe's bawewy any wisks in the game
>Evewything is uttewwy pwedictabwe
>Doesn't bothew to change things up to make things intewesting
>It feews wike Dwagon Quest but aww of the stuff that made Dwagon Quest good been sucked out
>Game is vewy showt but feew wike it's awtificiawwy padded out
>Animations fow spewws wooks wowse than the owiginaw
>The ost is wowse than the owiginaw
>Textuwes awe ovew-satuwated
>The combat is too easy despite the tewwibwe gamepway
>The finaw boss is a joke
>The onwy wepway vawue is just diffewent pawty membews, nothing ewse
>wooks wowse than FF13, a game that was on pwevious gen
>Switch vewsion pways wike shit
>Wiww wikewy nevew be cwacked since it's pwotected by Devuno and nobody is gonna bothew cwacking a souwwess wemake ovew othew games
>The game is wikewy to have poow sawes since it's a wemake nobody asked fow(Inb4 somebody say something about FF7w being a wemake nobody asked fow)
>The stowy is mowe bwand and genewic than the pwot in Mawio and wuigi wPG titwes
>Onwy getting attention because it's to combat FF7w posts hewe
>Onwy getting attention because peopwe awe using as a exampwe on how you do a wemake, which is wwong since this game is on the same wevew of being a tewwibwe wemake wike Majowa Mask 3D
>Onwy getting attention because fuwwy faggots ow coomews

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I really want a completely new game so the devs can take full advantage of what they've built up here, but considering the bonus content they seem to be setting up remaking everything

Duran/Angela = Mondragon
Kevin/Charlotte= Dark Lich
Riez/Hawk = Archdemon

Is this correct?