BUt tHe tErMs oF sErViCe!!!

>bUt tHe tErMs oF sErViCe!!!

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The more you see seethe about it the more satisfying it is to report you in games. But please keep making these threads.

>agree to not be a cunt
>be a cunt
>get banned

Someone's mad because they can't spam nigger in chat anymore.

>mad because you don't have free speech anymore

>play like shit on purpose
>people get mad
>report them for getting mad
more fun than the actual game

>muh free speech
fucking kek

>when you cheat in a game but reports do nothing and you never get banned
my favorite games

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Sorry to say, ubisoft is french, you never had it.

You shouldn't buy games where it is possible to get banned. They aren't worth your money - it's that simple.

>go into a bar
>yell nigger
>get kicked out
>noooooooooo my free speeeeech

>You shouldn't buy games where it is possible to get banned.
Imagine being such an insufferable cunt that you have to literally do research to see if your shitty behavior will end up barring you from playing the game.

It's been factually proven that shit-talking has adverse effects in a game's monetization capability.
Zoomies, normies, twittards and all manner of trannoids are put off by the bantz of yesteryear, and are thus less likely to spend money on microtransactions and more likely to partake in social-justice hatemobs.

While ineffectual for people like us, who actually buy and play games, hatemobs have a big impact on publisher image and brand marketability. It's the age we live in, where vidya is designed for corporate focus groups and developed by spineless far-left psychopaths. Profit is paramount, ideology is secondary, and games are dead.

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When they came for the cunts, I said nothing, because I was not a cunt

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rollan :DD

>go into bar
>yell nigger
>barkeeper takes your wallet, then kicks you out
>points to terms of servie
Yeaaaaaas based fuck racists!

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that doesnt even make sense

>Sings a contract to not be a cunt
>Is a cunt
>"N-no, muh free speech"

Off-topic content and cuntish behaviour activly harms speech about a certain topic. Giving you the boot isn't attacking freedom of speech, it's defending it

Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence.

The odds arent good but lets give it a go

>Don't be informed about the products you buy just consoom
This is a new low, even for Yas Forums.

What happened to online games?
Back in the days of COD and Halo people called eachother dumb nigger faggots that fucked your mom, people could handle the bantz
Sóy was a mistake

How does a game steal your money after you already got into it?

post voice

I think what he's saying is no one can enforce a rule on you that opposes the rights you were granted as a citizen.

"Toxic" niggers in games are annoying to deal with but the twitter newfags who defend you not being able to play online for saying bad words are pathetic. Valve did the right thing by just having people auto-muted if they are annoying.

>go to bar
>buy a drink
>yell nigger
>get kicked out
>never finished drink
Nooooooo my drink and free speach noooooo

>Making an excuse this retarded when you just can't help but get yourself banned from every multiplayer game you play
Sounds like it's you that's the issue, dipshit.

It’s probably still like that on PSN. All the obnoxious edgelords and kids went over to PS4 after the 360. The current XBL community on Xbox One is pretty good actually.

gimme finland

Their servers, their rules. Don't like it? Don't play it. Or control your emotions and stop using slurs in games. Very simple user.

Seethe harder, dude, I'm gonna play video games and enjoy it lol

>Only niggers say nigger
Go be black somewhere else

>want to see a movie
>buy a ticket in kinoplex
>Robert says "sir you can watch this flick but you cant scream NIGGER every 5 seconds"
>ok fag
>everyone takes a seat
>5 seconds into the movie
>get asked to quiet down by staff
>get escorted by security
>money stolen
how the fuck could this happen to me???

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check em


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Going into a bar has no cost. Buying a game cost you. Certainly if you’ve also bought skins. More the the point, it doesnt even have to be them taking a wallet the fact that they can point to some ToS is no argument. Nobody reads those and there are laws in place that protects consumers that no ToS will be able to override in the legal sense. The reason they get away with it is because no single gamer can sue these giant behemoth companies and are as a result oppressed further

Or don't get mad over words, but I guess you are too emotionally unstable for that.
based redditor, pic related

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tfw too low IQ to understand an analogy

I got kicked out once and they let us pour the leftover beers into plastic cups.

Have sex incel.

post voice

>acting smugly superior for being banned from over 1,000 different multiplayer servers
Cool, bro.