Say something bad_ about the worst Pokémon generation

Say something bad_ about the worst Pokémon generation

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swsh is worse

I thought this as well. Haven't played since regular Sun+Moon, due to them being so bad

i'm playing them now so it may be possible but i've never quit a Pokémon as soon as i did with Sun/Moon, that shit was boring as hell

based, the alola hate is a meme

That’s not SWSH, disappointing piece of shit defended by all the shills

Sun and Moon had actual effort put in it and wasn’t rushing you through the story despite parts being obviously unfinished.

Characters were also a lot better, fuck Joe Merrick for defending the piece of shit known as SWSH

Black and White is worst. Sun and Moon's issue is too many goddamn cutscenes. SwSh is okay.

Sun and Moon’s only real flaw was the constant stops for wall of text.
Otherwise everything about it is miles better than SWSH.

>Sun and Moon had actual effort put in it and wasn’t rushing you through the story
The "story" was my biggest problem with the game. Every three fucking steps I was stuck in 20 minutes of story. After moving to the 2 island and getting an exposition dump about traveling and the new not-gym leader, I dropped it

Sun and Moon at least still have all the fucking mechanics.

They are no longer the worst but they did get me to stop playing Pokemon for good (sadly, I have alot of fond memories of playing it). I used to get at least 1 game from every generation but these came out and looked so unappealing that I never got any and stopped playing altogether. Whoever thought it was a good idea to release a new region that was island themed right after releasing a remake of Ruby/sapphire is a nigger retard. I've got island burnout, plus Hawaii is a shit theme

the girls are the only good thing from that gen

when it leaked I installed it but couldn't play it for more than a few hours due to how bad it was
I just stopped at a pokemon center and went back to showdown

this, honestly I was sick of the story, which was stupid anyway

I hate how hand holdy it's gotten

How would your ideal new 2.5d pokemon be like?

Sorry to hear about your coma. It's no longer the worst as Shit and Shite exist.

SwSh are worse console games than SM are handheld games. If compared directly though I don't see how anyone can think SwSh is a worse game.

SwSh would have been the best 3DS Pokemon game if it released on there, but it didn't and is a $60 console game instead. That's why it's bad, not because it's actually worse than the 3DS games.

I didn't like the aestetic
I did like the island challenges, though

That started in XY. In that game I always thought it was more acceptable since it feels more like a proof of concept game for 3D Pokemon and while short and incomplete, it had a bunch of features I liked and overall had the feel like it was meant to draw in new players. At the time I gave it a pass, and I still do, just on thinner margins. Doesn't help that half of the features introduced in XY were shitcanned in ruby/sapphire and then every game after that has been awful

>sun legendary
>weak to fire

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It is equally as bad as sword/shield and likely every future game fuck you masuda die of corona virus so hopefully someone that actually cares takes over

Do you have ADHD? The game is 6 hours long.

Sorry about your buyer's remorse, but I don't let that force me to continue shit games.

I do, that's how i finished BW1

> BW1
> Shit

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Is USUM any better?

I agree 100%. It's the worst mainline.

Have you played S/M?
They're similar but USUM has more story I guess.

>words words words words words
>0 challenge outside Ghetsis and 2 or 3 veterans
>words words words words words
>no one has more than 3 Pokemon
>words words words words words
>map is a circle
>words words words words words
>words words words words words
>0 postgame(muh half region taken hostage with fuckall to do in it outside Lacunosa, the rest is explorable in 1 hour
>words words words words words
>hugest amount of new mons but also hugest amount of shit ones
>words words words words words
>game holds your hands all the way and starts with the rivals LITERALLY holding your hand into route 1
>words words words words words
>does 1 thing right with Victini then starts the "event legendary is a gift in the pkcenter" shit that people attribute to gen 6+
>words words words words words
>better MC sprite than past games, but that's it. Game's graphics look like shit, at least the 2D part of it is a garbled mess, this right after gen 4 which had the best battle sprites in the series. Some of the best 3D in the system though
And more.

Unironically good for ditching the chibi bullshit that can never work in 3D

USUM is weird, there's a couple of things they did better but not enough to justify a purchase unless you really wanna get more mega stones or didn't play vanilla SM. They also managed to make the plot worse and Rotomdex is annoying as all hell.

Too much water

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It would be easier to point out the things Sun/Moon did right:
>Stock Pokemon to fly/ride/push boulders for you
>Boss Pokemon
>”Gym Leaders” that are few but memorable by interacting through the main story
And that’s about it.

>routes are too linear
>unskipapple cutscenes
>Terrible networking interface
>Wasted potential (see: Kanto gym & photo studio)
>Rotom dex