All Kingdom Hearts Games for $40

Are they worth the price?

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Sure but I'm personally not fond of buying more games than I'm going to play

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If you can stomach the cringy story and have homosexual urges. Then by all means, buy the game

Ds games still not playable, and twice the price of the collection without kh3

You can get all of them for about $10

More people should think like this.

>KH3 already $20

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Why the fuck do black people love kingdom hearts so much?

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Only 2 of those games are good.

Doesn't include re:mind but yeah it's not horrible. I think I paid around $30 for 1.5+2.5, and 2.8 separately.

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My friend got all of them for a combined total of 30-something USD. Just buy whichever ones are on sale you think you would actually enjoy. They are not all worth playing anyway.

Why the fuck aren't they on PC yet now that they're valued so low? Not like I really want Nomura's shitty fanfiction series but I'm curious why Square doesn't want that extra dosh

For as cringy as KH is nowadays $40 is a fair price for all the games. That’s like 200 hours of content.

I remember seeing a good kingdom hearts deal on psn a few weeks back. I almost bought it on impulse before remembering just how shit the first two games were. Don't be wooed by the concept alone, OP. Past that shiny exterior is a garbage game.

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Not only will it waste your money, it'll waste your time, too! What a deal.
I stopped thinking longer was better when I turned 13.

How desperately do you want to understand KH3 going in?

Just heads up, it does not include the DLC for 3

All Kingdom Hearts games? That's a negative, they should be the ones paying you to play that garbage.

Only the first and second game are decent.

If you are highly autistic, yes. Otherwise no.

No. Kingdom Hearts is awful, don't give Nomura your money.

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Perhaps Disney is aware of how easy it is to rip the models and they don't want hundreds of thousands of high quality, official looking porn pics of their characters.

Yeah. I ordered it myself recently since I haven’t played KH3 yet and having KH1 and 2 Final Mixes at 60 FPS with reduced loading is a nice upgrade. Side games are hit or miss with a few of them just being cutscene compilations for quick plot dumps.


Yes. Non-Nintendo games tend to go down in price more than a year after their release.

Not even for fucking free.

I got it on the Game Pass, played the first level and uninstalled right away.

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Did they ever patch out the issues caused by 60fps?

osaka team isn't competent

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They patched the collection twice.