What was the point of making him gay...

What was the point of making him gay? I think this blatant politics forcing only embitters people towards gays not the opposite.

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What's the point of making other characters straight?

What was the point of making OP gay?

Heterosexuality is the norm so no character is "made" straight.

There was some drama going on with the league at the time so they quickly rushed out a short text story to try and distract from it.
At least Tracer’s reveal felt marginally planned out from the start and the reveal was more casually natural.

I'm not even gay and I've jerked off to this guy

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>be gay AND footfag
truly the lowest of humanity.

Just evoke death of the author and decide hes not actually gay

That's just heteronormative propaganda. And quite frankly I'm sick of heterosexuals injecting their politics into games making everyone straight and now too many people think the way you do.


The actual reason is to quiet legitimate criticism of Blizzard.
In modern culture, yes, but across history the majority of people have been "opportunistically bi"--that is, willing to fuck the same sex in the right circumstance.

>few million strong minority is comparable to the 7 billion strong majority
nah, you just need to get a clue.

roughly 700 million people in this world are either gay, bi, or trans. That's nearly 1 in 10

No evidence.

Studies as recent as 2013 have found that 7% of men and 13% of women polled in western countries don't identify as exclusively heterosexual

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forgot link

In fairness, that is still a minority. It's just not as tiny a one as he thought.

>Straight character flirts with other women, dates other women, has a romance plot, "wears their sexuality on their sleeve"
>Nobody gives a shit

>Gay characters flirts with other men, has a romance plot, "wears their sexuality on their sleeve"
>Wow, this is forced gayness and forced diversity
>Gay character DOESN'T flirt with anyone, doesn't say or do anything hinting that they're gay, literally would have never found out had the game or the character or the devs didn't outright tell you that they're gay
>Why did they make him gay then? It serves no purpose or point. They just did that for brownie points, this is forced gayness and forced diversity

You literally can't win, lmao

Homosexuality has been a norm too. See: The Greeks, the Japanese

Maybe the creators just genuinely feel him being gay fits, or want it to be part of his character. Maybe their capitalist overlords crunched the numbers and determined it would boost sales acceptably.

Not everything has to have a big "point"

Yes, stop normalizing faggotry is what we ask

Matching story with gameplay of the character

Funny but just a bit too far from reality to be convincing on any level

Sure. But if you make 2 characters gay in a game that's got more than 20 characters, it doesn't stand out as much as anons would want you to believe.

Imagine thinking I'm going to click some random .gif. This isn't my first day on the internet, kid. I'm not going to fall for your "epic" screamer.

10% of the population is gay or bi.

They didn't make them straight, people just assumed.
They made Soldier76 gay.


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Mask off, neo-Nazi. Too bad we're winning this battle. Keep crying so I can drink more cis tears.

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no one other than polfags actually gives a shit

You mean 3%.

They made him gay because making him Pharah's father was too predictable, so they made her father some random Canadian Native American and made him gay. Blizzard is terrible at subverting expectations, like how in Ashe's reveal cinematic she had a picture of her and McCree on her bike which clearly hints at some sort of feelings for him, but the writer said they are not and never were a thing.

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wait hes gay?i thought he fucked that sniper bitch and made the rocketjump lady

No, I mean 10%. See

>like how in Ashe's reveal cinematic she had a picture of her and McCree on her bike which clearly hints at some sort of feelings for him, but the writer said they are not and never were a thing.
wtf lmao probably make him gay too
I can't believe how incompetent they are

fair point.

Is there a canon hetero relationship other than Genji and Mercy in this game?

That's a pretty neat scam, defining "mostly hetero" as full blown gay. Notice how the actual gay categories, you know the three miniscule bars, are all 2% or less?

Did you miss what I said? I said gay or bi. I'd definite myself as mostly hetero and recognize that that makes me bi.

Genji and Mercy isn't canon that was Michael Chu self-inserting, and he doesn't work at Blizzard anymore.

Widowmaker is hetero and had a husband.
Torbjorn has a wife and a ton of kids.
Ana has some random Canadian husband

Who cares

So if you're 90% straight and 10% gay, that number should be weighted by 0.1, so it's much less than you claim.

>gay everywhere but china

That's like saying 10% pedo or 10% furry. You're a fucking pedo if you've fapped once to lolis, a furry if you fapped once to furshit, and you're a faggot if gay shit makes you hard 10% of the time

That means they don't really believe that themselves and did it just for virtue points. Really makes you think.

McCree is built for Genji