Do you think you could take Abby in a fight?

Do you think you could take Abby in a fight?

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>Take the body of a man
>Put woman face on it
>Call it a woman
I call it trap!

You actually have to play as her?
I can already see people who avoided the spoilers throwing their controllers at the screen.

Considering she can apparently teleport up to a distance of 6 feet, no.


I don't think that anybody who browses this board could

Nobody on this board can. The game makes her out to be more powerful than Joel.

Absolutely not.

x-xe's fast!

Unironically yes, it's arms are at least twice the width of mine. And I'm a 34 year old boomer.

The weak should fear the strong.

wait, ellie is a carrier isn't she? wouldn't that bite infect abby? or is she just immune

If I knew she was coming for me? Absolutely. In a world with guns and knives it's always a fair fight.

Now hand to hand? Yes, I could still take her. Women have naturally weaker frames and muscles than men, even the strongest female athletes are only slightly stronger than the average man.

This is assuming I don't get a golf club to the head for "muh stronk women" story line first, of course.

>2 girls fall 10 foot and throw and wooden crate
>Both back on their feet in 5 seconds
>it's a realistic game

>bad guy is killed
>game over

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That bullshit where you could punch and snap to the enemy six feet away seems to be even worse in this one than in the last one.

Don't ask.. Pssssss..


All you have to do is punch "her" in the balls.

Post credits is Abby slowly turning infected

She only says she is infectious to scare David after she bites him, she has no way of knowing if that’s true unless she bit people between the prequel dlc and the main game.

Not if that hook hits me, let alone the haymaker.

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Also, lmao at fucking BITING a rear naked choke. The inward pressure would make it impossible to bit down with any real force, because the jaw can't handle it.

Shhhh, shhh. Don't think about it, just dowse yourself in Druckmans brilliance.

How can anybody think the gameplay of these games looks good? The fidgety jump qhen she grabs her looks so fucking bad.

fucking kek

>doing roids
>cry like a bitch when bitten
pick one shitty developers


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Ingame Abby? Probably not, with that degree of plot armor.

An IRL woman with the physique of Abby? Ezpz, I've done enough martial arts to have a good upper hand, fighting is cardiovascularity, dexterity, and technique much, much more than simply raw power.

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>90% of this is just the animation

It's called a reverse trap. I think.

The gameplay has always been incredibly mediocre in TLOU and Uncharted.

>woman face
It's a man face, just a woman haircut.

>I'm a lanky ass perma-virgin nerd therefor all of Yas Forums is
fuck off, faggots


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