Wtf is this real? Have you seen it?

Wtf is this real? Have you seen it?

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sick rhymes

All the Jewish reviewers at IGN and such are going to absolutely love this game. It might get the highest metacritic score yet.


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>characters fuck
I fail to see the problem?

reminder that ign is the only company with ZERO reviewers in the gigantic clusterfuck network of corroboration involved in the whole "gamers are dead" fiasco.

I don't want to see that freak have sex with someone or something (OOOOOOHHHH!)

Damn TLOU 2 looks like THAT?

Even better, the dude she fucks is Druckman's self insert.

So IGN is at least a little better than the competition?

Is this the first gay sex in a video game?
Groundbreaking achievement if so, video games are really art now.

>abby and a man

Is Abby the top? She could use fingers or something.
I can't see her as a bottom.

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Fear Effect.

Here it is bro.

how did they get away with this?

Is abby the fucker, the fucked ("""""pussy""""") or the fucked (ass)?

absolutely disgusting

Dude what the fuck is that real?

>a hetero-normative cis(?) woman beats the only lesbian couple in the game almost to death, setting up one of them as the villain in the next game
How problematic, why are Naughty Dog such bigots?

abs is literally our girl. good for her on doing her part making babies while the retarded lesbos are wasting resources

no fucking way man

Is that Cuckmann's self-insert character as well? The one who spits on Joel's corpse? Holy fucking shit.

Really? I had no idea.

naughty dog/druckmann will go down in gaming history as the morons that ruined one of their biggest trade marks, just lol

Lesbians don't count it's a male gaze fantasy.


I wish but no, Cuckman's pendejo and Owen are two different characters

Formerly not real

Only mentally ill ones.

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She has bigger muscles than the dude.

>tfw you'll never fuck abby
why live Yas Forumsros...