>It was part of their idea of the world, that women and men are equally formidable in battle
Is this accurate?

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I am sure just on this site there's several individuals that would get their shit kicked in by women.

>assassins creed was always 100% historically accurate all the fucking time
shove up your ass and go back to Yas Forums

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user it's not nice to talk about the disabled like that.

but user, they themselves are strictly talking about historical accuracy here, aren't they?

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Unfriendly reminder that ever since Jewish-led feminists ripped women away from their loving husbands and placed them at the mercy of soulless corporations, women have been getting less and less happy every single year. "The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness"
>By most objective measures the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men. "Suicide Rate in Women Jumps by 50% From 2000-2016" "Liberated and Unhappy"

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someone post the women sports competitions where they get trashed by trannies

Lol no

fucking based

yeah that's pretty funny

Sure, they might have had female godesses but that doesn't translate to letting females fight alongside men in battle. This guy is retarded.

they're grabbing onto the smallest thing to push their agenda, because that's all they have

They existed in viking stories as a way of highlighting unusual. For every mention of a fierce female warrior, there's ten males.

submission to a pure man and having plenty children is the only sure way for women to be happy

Woman were formidable in the battle against hunger skillfully using the ovens to feed people.

>players can choose to play this character that has a woman's name as either a man or a woman
What do they mean by this?

they can do battle with my penis. in their mouths

I'm playing as the hot hairy norse girl, and you'll just have to cope with that.

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she's shaved, thanks to feminism

Why do people get so offended by sexual dimorphism? I am literally saying this as a borderline commie leftist.

Who the fuck cares- this isn't a hunter/gatherer society anymore. Women don't need to be able to carry 150 pounds regularly to survive. Just recognize it and internalize it to make yourself safe against men who are actual predators.

Men rape woman more than women rape men because Men are physically stronger. They don't channel their male privilege into physical strength like Goku channels fucking Ki; they have more muscle mass and bone density and are also probably taller on average so the average male can physically overpower the average woman. How can you even claim to want to deal with the problem if you are mentally unwilling to accept the physical reality that causes it?

Men "get away with it" without rebuke in society because of privilege, they are able to physically COMMIT assault because they're fucking stronger than you. Part of the fear that causes you to submit to rape is -because you instinctively know you'll lose if you fight back because you're just not physically strong enough-.

I thought feminists were hairy.

only their arms and legs

>Why do people get so offended by sexual dimorphism?

If your agenda is for women to become male-parity worker consumer drones, the insinuation that men and women are biologically different is harmful to your goal

It's not that I think it's funny that it happens, it's expected.
I think it's funny that there are people that don't know that it happens. And even funnier that there are people that deny it happens or deflect from why it happens.

Men being bigger, stronger, faster than women on average shouldn't be an equality issue.

>They don't channel their male privilege into physical strength like Goku channels fucking Ki

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>Is this accurate?

Sort of.
Viking men would take women to villages they wanted to raid, where they would seduce and sleep with men. They would then kill them while they had sex, to thin the number of men down ready for the raids.
At which point, both men and women would fight together.
Viking men also would leave a bunch of women back at their camps, so they would train them with a sword to that they could defend camp while the men were away.

I know Yas Forums likes to hate on Women, and I know Ubisoft will go way to overboard with their pandering, but Viking Women could actually be warriors, so a fem mc isn't that strange an idea. Unlike a spartan fem mc.

>where they would seduce and sleep with men. They would then kill them
Wow great warriors.
That would be a better assassin game though.

>train them with a sword
the fuck am i reading.
they would use a spear, the men too, or axes

they're talking about viking culture.

>but Viking Women could actually be warriors
in the same way a child can be a warrior

It's Ubisoft for fucks sake, they stopped using gender in Division 2 and probably other games, you really think they care about historical accuracy? Why do you retards keep spazzing out about this like its your first Ubisoft game? How is even outrage worthy it's not even something NEW to be angry about, it's business as usual for them. Just fucking move on.

>they've been pushing their agenda for a while, so why are you complaining about them pushing their agenda?
do you even realize how stupid you sound?
>you really think they care about historical accuracy?
no, but it's all the more annoying that they're making it look like it's historically accurate now, when back then they at least admitted to being pieces of shit who forced their agenda

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The liberal vision of rape is Chad struggling to pin down a co-ed until he remembers he'll make like $5 more an hour than her in the job market- then he starts crackling with lightning and powers up to Chad Thundercock 2 and is able to rape her

Yeah, Vikings actually allowed women to fight. However, only one in a thousand women is as strong as the average man. Thus, if we have 10000 men strong army, we have... 5-15 women who can actually fight in a somewhat equal footing in that time period. I don't think anyone will object if there are that amount of women there, not even if there is a female commander, but if you start doing bullshit like there being as many women as men and shut like that people will notice and find it ridiculous

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They were more spies than anything, but it was a pretty smart move on Vikings part.
They would roll into a village, pretending to be merchants and slavers, sell off their women, while gathering Intel, and then when the time was ready they would let loose and take over quickly.
Unfortunately though, there are stories of raids not going to plan, and Viking Men raping and killing their own women accidentally in the confusion. That may have been a parable or something though, I forget where I read it.

Swords were plentiful from other raids, and generally considered easier for women to handle.
'Spears' and 'Axes' were considered Men weapons, so it would've been rare for women to have used them. Archaeologists have found broken spears that were used as daggers though, which would've been considered a woman weapon.

yes, they would pay good money for this

Where do you think valkyries come from?


>allowed women to fight
Their laws didn't forbid it but it wasn't endorsed either. There were no warrior societies/cults that trained women to be warriors like there were for men once they reached 16 winters of age. A woman that age was expected to get married to a man ten years her senior or more.

>shepherd dead men to Valhalla

When i was a kid i used to play pretend and like sometimes i pretended that my toys are like i dunno knights and sometimes i had like spiderman wear a cape and aluminum platepail i made for him fight like barbarian queen poison ivy and you know i wa like 13 year old and i promise there was no agenda and it was like pretty cool and fun but damn man i guess i should feel ashamed becouse not only was it not historicaly accurate but simpin for some totally real leftist conspiracy and man had i known my playing pretend would have such a severe consequences i like i dunno i would travel through time to my 14 year old self and shoot him in the head man becouse thats just not cool!

Like if youre ever concerned about being able to play a girl viking man go seek help the world is not against you but damn are you on a proper path to shooting up some local school...

user, spears were a womens weapon because it was easier to wield, sword training is not, it's not even something wildy used, spears and axes were the mainstay, get the fuck out of here with your sword meme

>wasting swords on women
wew lad
Swords were expensive and a status symbol. A lump of sharp iron on a stick is what all the plebs use.

>Where do you think valkyries come from?
Valkyrjur are Dísir, female spirits that serve the Æsir. They are not, nor were, human females.