*kills XCOM*

*kills XCOM*

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loving it so far
a tactics game that doesn't look like mobileshit from 2008

So what's the most OP build and why is it Commando Scouts?

Same, I'm really surprised how good it is. Feels great mowing down wretches and chainsawing enemies. Not really digging the Vanguard class though.

bayonet rushes and overwatch cancelling is great, I like them

I just wish it was 4 + 2 Squad members.

Use the Warden tree and equip them with damage reduction armor.

>15% damage reduction on my boots
>-50% damage from Overwatch attacks
>-50% damage from units I taunt
>-75% damage from the first enemy attack on their turn

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is this some normalbabby non-ironman playthrough where you leave units out in the open?

Did you actually read what I just typed?

just answer the question and say what difficulty you're playing on, because badass only procs once per turn and a unit out in the open that can get shot by a drone close-by is dead anywhere from experienced and up

Seems you're the brainlet. I'm playing on Experienced.

>Taunted the Kantus so he focuses my Vanguard
>The two Grenadiers, the only other two enemies currently alive after my grenade spamming Scout killed the rest, were cockblocked by the Support right next to my Vanguard and were stopped by their staggering effect on their Lancer.

Don't think the unit has to be out of cover for badass to work.

novel XCom is shit anyways, but this one is not great too
+ decent tactical gameplay
+ good play can dominate the battlefield, while still having relatively weak troops
+ bearded females
+ decent bossfights
- no world strategy in any form
- most missions are shallow repetitions
- almost all gear mods are minor stat boosts obtained from lootboxes
- no different weapons, all troops stuck with single variant of class weapon
- all troops are the same, just a chance to put skills points slightly differently
- some skill combinations make the game trival (sniper shooting 8 times in one turn, etc)
- arcady extra battle rules (no reloads, no granades etc), without any explanations

>- no world strategy in any form
But that's a plus

Not even in his best day.

>- no world strategy in any form
This is a pro. The "world strategy" in both modern XCOM games is hilariously shallow and every run works out the same 95% of the time.

>- almost all gear mods are minor stat boosts obtained from lootboxes
Epic and Legendary chests which the game throws at you around Chapter 2 and beyond give significant stat boosts.

that was simple enough why not just say from the start you're a babby playing non-ironman savescumming out the ass
uppity babbys lmao

XCOM fans:
>"wow we get three tactical games in the same week, all with very different gameplay?, holy shit this is amazing"

Gears fags:
>"RIP XCUM, *dabs and default dances on grave*"

why are you niggas trying to turn this into a fight, both are good

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>Gears Tactics
Have you played the game, brainlet?

Depends how you look at it. I got bored by repeating the same missions in act 2, some world view why i am rescuing some loosers locked in pods for third time would make it feel a bit less obnoxious. Here it is just random boring mission after another random borng mission, and occasionally some good story mission.

what the fuck are you going to call reloading a checkpoint, NOT savescumming?
calm the fuck down already babbymode

Cuckmera Squad is garbage for Mass Effect trannies. What's the third game?

>This is a pro. The "world strategy" in both modern XCOM games is hilariously shallow and every run works out the same 95% of the time.

opinion discarded, specially regarding XCOM 2, where you must constantly make decisions about what research to pursue, what missions to tackle, what resistance drops to investigate, etc

try playing the game on ironman, babby

Kinda wishing they would remake gears 1-5 in this format, lol, its fun

>lmao bet you playing on easy nigga
>why you sending out the impervious tank out in the open like that when epic/leg equipment can give 60%+ damage resistance?
>i'm on experienced
>lmao see you're not on the gay ass ironman mode that deletes your save if you fuck up one mission

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>where you must constantly make decisions about what research to pursue
You mean like rush mag weapons and focus engineers over literally everything else?

you see for people without trannies living in their head rent free 24/7, its a pretty nice spinoff which introduces new mechanics, has a very low price and has mod support

Kantus doesn't have that little HP on experienced, that webm is on normal.

inspired research exists precisely to change your research choices, it might be worth it to hold off developing mags if something else that is also useful can be accomplished faster at the moment

All I see is some re-used assets shitpile that desperately got rushed into the market before the superior tactics game came out

post cheevos nigger
Yas Forums has rotted your brain

Imagine if The Coalition made a Battletech game

will i enjoy it if i don't like xcom?
love the gears games btw

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Yeah this shits all over xcom

xcom killed itself with 2 and war of the annoying humanoids

haha, no

I enjoy this a bit more. I've only played a few hours of XCom though.