Can we finally talk about this game now?

Can we finally talk about this game now?

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yes, it's dogshit

Great but flawed game. Much better than the shit nostalgiafags eat called Morrowind.

What is there to talk about? It's bland as hell

The thread will be probably be longer than the game itself

i pirated this game but it's still sitting in my external. i don't know why i can't bring myself to install it.

I enjoyed the first world but the game didn't change at all after that point.

I think it's flaws would've been less visible if the game was one large map.

Also none of the companions were all that likeable or well written in my opinion.

Do you have any actual criticism other than
>dude, it's crap
If that's what you think, then Fallout four is the best game of all time. You can play that came forever.

What do you like about it user? It's a severely disappointing game in basically every department

no bad, but also nothing special
you don't miss anything by not playing it

>i enjoy my RPGs being 4 hours and lacking any substance

What's there to talk about with this milquetoast ass shit

The companions and setting. I did my first playtrhough as communist and it was very entertaining.
>What is quality over quanity

OW has some of the worst companions on an RPG, user. Are you serious? What did you like about them?

If you want, but my criticism isn’t going to change. It’s still a shallow, soulless game with some of the worst implementation of certain mechanics I’ve ever seen.

>What is quality over quanity
This game had neither. It lacked all the RPG elements, the same as FO4, but was 1/3 of the length

>liberal commie
>it was very entertaining.
What a surprise

>no matter what choice you make you end up at the same room fighting the same boss
Quality story telling, Obsidrone

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you guys remember when it came out all youtube selfmade game critics praised it because obsidian left bethesda and did their own thing?
but turns out the game is actually exponentially shittier than any of their previous titles. even the basic rpg elements like perks and skills suck ass. cant go without mentionin the attrocious story and choices it gives you or now that theyre so muh independed devs they added all those ugly dyke characters.
shit game

I don't know if I somehow played it wrong. But very often I'd get to towns or talk to an NPC and I'd get dialogue choices referencing characters I've never heard about. Like I'd get approached and they'd ask "What are you doing?" and I'd get choices like "Charlotte sent me to investigate" and I have no fucking clue who Charlotte is.
It really ruined the game for me. Happened with places too. I'd just get choices for stuff I had no idea what they were.

Gear also didn't seem to matter at all. I played on the difficulty one lower than the stupid survival shit and I'd just pick whatever had a bigger number. All the mods or skills associated with them meant nothing. I went purely into hacking, lockpicking, and charisma related skills so I shouldn't be doing too much damage but everything died very quickly all the time.

It was still an enjoyable game but it really seemed to lack what makes a good RPG. Like the foundation was there it was just flawed.

It’s almost like e-celebs are disingenuous hype machines who only criticize when it’s literally shit on a plate

I liked Parvati. She was kind of cute.
>Better dialogue system
>actual falls
>same as fallout four
Think about it. The setting is supposed to be what happens when capitalism gets out of control. Why would it not be fun to play as communist?

The better Outer game

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I’ve heard a lot of good things, how is it?

Tell me how these 2 titles compare

Got em

The ending you got siding with the corporate faction was one of the stupidest fucking things I have ever encountered. I get that it's supposed to be the 'bad' ending but it made absolutely no sense at all.

Immediately after the game ends there's going to be a coup, you'll be executed and a military junta will be running the colony. There's just no way anyone will go along with the batshit plan to freeze all of the work force and then just sit around waiting to run out of food.

careful with that edge, might cut yourself

what is there to talk about

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starts off feeling good then you realise its extraordinarily shallow and the writing is brainlet tier.

It sucked. What more needs to be said?

A lot worse then it could be due to lack of modding tools.

Suspect they locked it down because they knew gamers would mod out their ugly ass women with better models.