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I want to fuck white Korra like full on baby making sex

why did she shoot him?

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critical miss more like critical hit in your womb

Because she was told to. And if she didn't she'd be killed herself for treason.

Welcome to the US military.

Why not just turn the game off like it tells you to instead of DOING IT then complaining that it repremands you?

It was pretty fucking obvious on the WP level that there were people down there, but even though I tried to avoid them the game wouldn't let me proceed. Meanwhile Call of fucking Duty Black Ops accounted for the fact you shot the bagged guy in the leg

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> Expecting a hole to understand subtext
> Making your self insert character marginally attractive while you look like a dude in real life.
Why do women do this? My girlfriend plays video games with me sometimes and she never bitches about the lack of female representation, muh wimins, or demand trannies as main characters.
Are American women really this fucked up?

This "critique" of Spec Ops End of Rine is so fucking retarded.

The point of the game isn't "u chose to kill ppl so u bad", the point is that war as entertainment is bad.

Please return to reddit

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She holds it back but in truth she's as resentful as the other holes
Either that or she's a tranny

>the point is that war as entertainment is bad.
There is literally nothing wrong with enjoying fake virtual war as entertainment.

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>There is literally nothing wrong with enjoying fake virtual war as entertainment.
I prefer real war as entertainment, pig.

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user its a video game, its making fun of spec ops. the biggest problem with soec ops is that it critizes the player for needlessly murdering npcs in vidya. this could be done well in Lisa there are pivotal moments where the player is forced to carry out Brad's intent and it's very powerful and questions his morality. spec ops fails because 1 there's a huge difference between pixels on a TV screen and actual murder and 2 the game forces you to kill people to progress but also critizes YOU for doing it like nigger I paid 60 shexkles for this game im not just going to stop playing to jerk off the devs moral bs

Or she and I treat games as what they are. Entertainment.
The ‘Games are art’ fags don’t realize that art is subjective and they’re trying to justify the time spent playing games. I treat it as someone else would treat ‘watching a movie’, except that’s more of a passive experience. Games are just that. Games.

>I had to kill them to continue the game
Wrong, you could've turned the game off.

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That's not how it works
Do you just make shit up and convince yourself its true?

I can't believe this is really what people think the game was about.
Dumb self inserters


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because it's a linear video game with no options
>hurr turn the game off then durr hurr
fuck off

This is why Ace Combat Zero is still the best "anti-war" war game of all time.

It gives the player lots of agency over their actions and doesn't railroad the player into any path (looking at you Spec Ops The Line).
It directly contrasts the glorification of war with its reality using both Arthurian legends and historical allegories, how you go from conquering the Round Table and pulling out Excalibur, to firebombing a city not unlike Tokyo or Dresden, and failing to stop 7 nuclear bombings.
It explores the effects of war long after it's over via the ace interviews, like PTSD, depression, and homelessness among veterans.
It doesn't scream in your ear WAR BAD, and presents multiple viewpoints, again without showing bias for any one (liberal PJ vs realist Pixy).
It shows how terrorists are created, that even a nihilist like Pixy can be radicalized when bearing witness to the horrors of war.
All the while without interrupting gameplay or lecturing you.

And the Ken Burns style documentary presentation is genius.

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The oldest and most famous work of western literature is about a war

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>dumb self inserters
the game literally talks directly to you as the player in loading screens.

>you will never be angry enough to drag your rival's corpse around for 3 days straight

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It has been quite some time since the "I'm just following orders" defense stopped being valid.

The in game character is a bad person for doing that though.
Why do brainlets think the actions of the character represent who they are in real life?

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>the point is that war as entertainment is bad
No, it wasn't. The game was a character study about a man obsessed with becoming a hero. The writer has said he was inspired by things like classic literature, American foreign policy, the war on terror, etc., etc. Video games was just the medium, not the focus.

And I'm sure there were crusty old men around in those days too saying that glory is bullshit and real war isn't like that to generations of young Greek men inspired by the tale.

>The in game character is a bad person for doing that though.
Because the dev isn't speaking to the character but the player

Navy vet, Yes it is how it works. You fuck up and your career and life is literally over. Good luck getting anywhere in life with a dishonorable discharge. Can't even get a job at a grocery store.

>the devs are talking directly to me
schizo tier post

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thank you for the copypasta buddy, gonna save it for future use.

>a man obsessed with becoming a her
That doesn't remind you of anyone? A certain kind of gamer? Perhaps a, dare I say it, CoD kiddy?

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Why would you dishonorably discharged for disobeying an unlawful order?

Yeah. They are saying "Look at this man. Look at the decisions he's making and why. Don't make the same mistakes." They are not saying "YOU MONSTER! YES! YOU! THE PLAYER! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!"

>unlawful order
That's precious, you actually believe that holds up to fuck all?

White korra is just a character retard the comic is wrote by 2 guys

because brainlets cant seperate themselves from the player character
they think since i control this person i must self insert and i am this person
if this was a movie more people would understand the gist

>pay for game
>lol turn it off or you're a monster
Spec ops will forever be garbage.

You wouldn't. You're allowed to disobey and order than goes against the Geneva Conventions for example, I can't speak for Navy user, but it's encouraged to disobey an unlawful order in the Army. I'm assuming it's the same in the Navy, too.

it does, if you think solider is free to disobey immoral orders then you are retarded. soliders are basically glorified slaves, that went through camp specifically designed to kill any and all normal human instincts in them, and train blind obidience

>if this was a movie
Not really, look at all the people getting pissed about RDJ right now over Tropic Thunder. They don't even understand that THAT character was the butt of the joke.

>Loading screen keeps reminding player that they're not Walker
>Character calls out Walker for his obsession with being a hero
The double meaning for characters calling out both Walker and the player are only there IF the player refuses to see Walker as his own character, hence the theme of wanting to be heroic despite bad decisions.
When you talk about story moments in games do you say "I did this" or do you say "The character did this"?

The Call of Duty franchise hardly glorifies war. At best it considers it a necessary evil.

They literally break the fourth wall constantly

>Erin thread
>Not a single lewd
What happened to Yas Forums?

t. violated the UCMJ and wonders why they are losers