Try out a game hated by the mainstream and also Yas Forums

>try out a game hated by the mainstream and also Yas Forums
>You really end up enjoying it

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Female paedophiles deserve the same punishment as males.

god I wish I was raped when I was young


Fate game or VN with the master being a shota MC when? Who would be the servant though?

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Duality of man

false. female pedos are hot as shit

t. male "raped" by their milf teacher

Shut the fuck up LTG

user, I'm going to need some more details. For research purposes, of course.

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l will carry out her punishment with muh dik

Not really that much to say. We had sex a couple times in her classroom after hours. She had big fat tits at least and a pudgy belly that was fun to jiggle.

Female pedos should be turned into public use cattle for men to relieve themselves with
Cunnyseurs are based and shouldn’t be compared to f*male pedos. Faggot/dyke pedos can hang

How did she approach you to start

Why do you want to be gay user?

reminds me of that pic of her paying a shota for affection.

don’t listen to this coomer
I was molested by my 16 year old babysitter when I was 5
barely even remember anything but that shit fucked me up to the point where I just couldn’t talk to girls throughout all of my schooling, I mean no words, nothing
on my first date adult date I vomited (in the bathroom)
I just couldn’t keep the food in, too much anxiety
somehow managed to get that same girl into a bedroom naked and I couldn’t get it up, just no possible boner at the age of 19
don’t know if all these ‘victims’ that say getting raped as a kid was awesome are just making it up and fetishizing it or something but I was fucked up for a long time

/ss/ is based and blessed.

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I hate how it's always shota. Adult men want to be affectionately raped by big titty onee-chans too.

That's because you're a faggot.

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I failed a test had the whole "see me after class" note on it too. I did so and she admitted she did it on purpose to get me alone and then confessed she was into me. Me being a kiss-less loser, I figured this was my chance and I went with it. We both realized we shouldn't let it go on too long as she'd get fired and the creepy old band teacher actually got walked off campus during class by the police for raping girls.

God Yas Forums is such a good board

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>babysitter was so ugly it broke little anons mind and penis
You poor bastard. No wonder you can't remember, your mind shut down to protect you.

yeah this shit never happened at all

Ara ara

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If they can vote they can get the rope.

Your right!

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shut up fucking faggot


Female pedofilia should be incentivized by the government. With money.

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Sucks to suck.

Me on the right

The one where she gets blueballed?



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ITT: Female pedos

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I've got quite a few that are not well thought of here or by mainstream media/fans of other games in the series

>Hitman Absolution
I hate when people say "oh it was a good game just not a good Hitman game" fuck off. Nu Hitman are the two games you should use this for not Absolution. They're basically a collection of levels with no real story/narrative to bring them together. Absolution when played on purist and trying to do every level SA is some of the most rewarding gameplay you'll find
>Final Fantasy X-2
The story although campy was actually very well done imo. Needed a guide to get the most out of which in general I don't like using but in this instance it massively improved the exexperience. The gameplay was fantastic and it has some truly touching moments
>Super Smash Brothers Brawl
2nd best Smash behind Melee. The story mode was pure kino
>Assassin's Creed III
Obviously the MC was an angry cunt and somewhat underdeveloped but the actual assassinations, the open world, side characters and setting was fucking awesome. Much better game than given credit for