Post the most kino moments in FFVIIR

Post the most kino moments in FFVIIR.

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chester the cheetah lookin as nigga lmfao

There is none.

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I want to _ _ _ _ that wolfcat.

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really made me question everything I thought I knew

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Reno calls Cloud being SOLDIER 1st class BS too. It won't be a big twist this time around, but I think they'll spend more time on "what if Cloud is just one of Hojo's Jenova monsters that happens to look like the original Cloud" plot thread that happens when Cloud gives Sephiroth the black materia. The gang didn't really spend much time on that.

The Reno thing made sense, it came across to me as more like him thinking it's BS that Cloud's a first since there's probably hardly any of them. Then he seems to buy it after Cloud kicks his ass and refers to Cloud as first on the pillar.

The Hojo thing was a legit spoiler.






I think when the twist happens it gonna really focus on how insecure Cloud was so that for new people it’s more surprising how much a broken individual Cloud really is instead of the fucked memories

Awww look guys its sooo cute! (*_*)

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red rocket


Unironically during the last fight when everyone shows back up one by one.
Also when Cloud shows up in the Shinra lobby on the bike and the main theme kicks in.

The music here was so based.
Too bad you only hear it once.

fucking kek. good work, anons.

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>so many cats in the game
>no colab with some cat food production company

The part where Cloud genuinely wants to know about Aerith talking to the flowers instead of going "not interested" as usual is overlooked kino.

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>Also when Cloud shows up in the Shinra lobby on the bike and the main theme kicks in.
That was amazing.


agreed. love that he told the flowers to be nice to her. they really did a good job with the few nods to him being kind of a goofball at heart

The character interactions are fantastic. Shame about the rest of the game though

Now that i think about it, that could work. Instead of focusing on whether cloud is a soldier or not, they can twist it a bit to center around whether cloud was a real human that tifa knew or just an experiment made by hojo. I mean he must knew that zack and cloud escaped from his captivity from the nibelheim mansion basement.
Also they could also add a layer of cloud's existential crisis and not just identity. Sephiroth can show an alternate timeline where cloud is replaced by zack, showing how unimportant cloud's role and existence is since in the end he's just a tool used by sephiroth to propel his plans.

Aerith scene is more kino
>You can't fall in love me.

The thing they had going between Red and Barret was 100% concentrated kino, also
>Avalanche! Local Florist! Lab Rat Dog!

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Basically everything they remade that was in the original FFVII was pure kino and just makes me wish that they did a straight remaster with some expanded dialogue at most instead.

>That music swell when Cloud finally hugs Tifa
Yeah no

I thought Cloud saving Barret, Aerith and Nanaki set to the music they used was kino, even if they went too far with the bike wheel missing Heidegger by an inch in slow mo.

>cloud: shinra's lying about the reactor to make avalanche look bad.
>tifa: so it wasnt that bad?
>cloud: no.. it was.

more like fucking retarded
it looked like a twin snakes cutscene

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>Showing the Zack timeline and everything turns out better because Cloud isn’t involved
That’s fucking incredible

Whoever made this is my hero

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