This did it. Yakuza 0 is phenomenal

I haven't felt this much enjoyment playing video games in years. Many years. I pick this game up a few weeks back and I can't believe how much of an absolute dumbass I was to never try this games because they weren't "real GTA". After this part in the game, I knew I had made a huge mistake skipping this series for years . It reminds you all of the time that it's a damn video game and I love that!

Yakuza 0 is the reason I will buy the others.

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It a fucking bore of a game.
with a shit shonen story that sometime wont let you fucking skip.
gameplay is muh( pretty good time if it your first yakuza game otherwise dont bother)

If this is the most boring of the Yakuza games, that's a good damn sign. When I'm done with this, I'm popping in Yakuza Kiwama.

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from a Yakuza-bro to another, Kiwami isn't as great, at all.
wait for 3, 4, and 5 to get ported to PC.

It's not a game, it's just a series of cutscenes that you have to walk to

Really? Ok then.

I still may get with Kiwama or Kiwama 2, but I'll lower my expectations a bit. Would you say they arent great or were they disappointing (which is worse to me)

Kiwami is like a DLC of Y0. Combat is more or less the same although some mechanics are more annoying. Some boss fights are bullshit too. Less minigames as well. Kiwami 2 is a lot better. Nearly as good as 0 and you get a small continuation to the cabaret stuff in 0 too.

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If I've never played a Yakuza game before where should I start?

I would recommend you play one or two very different games before playing another Yakuza game, I love them but they all have the same gameplay, it might tire you out.

0 has the best gameplay and also is the first chronologically.

disappointing for someone who's first yakuza game is 0. the original PS2 games are much better.

I agree that Kiwami 1 is pretty weak. It's a good remake, but the first Yakuza had some janky game design aspects, and they hadn't quite nailed the tone that series was going for.

Kiwami 2 is pretty good. Yakuza 2 was a fantastic game and the remake is great except for a particular soundtrack choice. It uses the same engine as 6, so the combat is not quite as good as 0/K1.

I recommend you to go through K1 with your expectations lowered. Just go through the story and some of the side content that you like more and then go for the ride that is K2.

So here's the thing with me. I also got King Of Fighters XIII just in case I wouldn't really like Yakuza 0 (and I really wanted it since it looked like a fighting game Id like to play). So I should go ahead and play KoF a little after this to give it a rest and then come back in after some time. I can do that.

K1-2 are better than 3-5 though so what would waiting for them accomplish exactly.

Remaster Collection on PC when? I have a PS4 but I feel like I should wait for the PC version.

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Thanks senpai. The worst thing for me right now would be to get Kiwama and get Mario Sunshined again. Disappointment after this being my first experience in the franchise wouldnt be great for me.

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i want the fucking onomichi outfit in kiwami 2 but i'm too much of a brainlet to model swap in this engine

bad opinion

I remember it's pretty easy user. Download the tool, open a game file, drop the mod file in, save and done.

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Guys is it just me or is Kiwami vastly inferior to Zero?

I'm not your senpai, aniki.

High tier
J > 0 > K2
Mid tier
5 Kiryu > 5 Shinada > 4 Akiyama > 4 Masa > K1 > 1 > 5 Haruka/Akiyama
Low tier
5 Saejima > 4 Saejima > 4 Kiryu > 3

Haven't played 6 or original 2. I feel like the quality of 4 and 5 varies dramatically from one character to another, unlike 0 which is pretty much equally good for both characters.

You will inevitably start to feel bored. You will walk from pointless conversation to pointless conversation. You will read and read and read while character models stare at each other lifelessly. You will do the same unchallenging fights hundreds of times over where enemies pose no threat. You will stare at cutscenes that play out in the slowest way possible. You'll tell yourself the story has gripped you while trying to ignore how badly written it is.
You will wonder why Yas Forums and various ecelebs hyped up this series, and begin telling yourself that YOU must be wrong, not them. You'll tell yourself it's good just to feel a part of something.

That’s what you’re in for.

I played Zero, Kwami, and am now on Kiwami 2. The story is pretty great and Kiryu and Majima MAKE the fucking game but I had to take breaks between each game or I would have gotten burnt out.

Nah, it's a vast step down in basically every department that matters. Which is especially jarring since most people jump in to it straight from 0.

Kiwami 1 is basically a quick asset flip and the story of 1 is way too anime. It was a PS2 game what can you do. Kiwami 2 might actually be better than 0 though if you're the kind of person who really like the exploration element, since K2 cities are much better than 0 cities. And K2 story might be a bit silly but it's short and it's intense, you can't get bored.

Yup, definitely a good idea to take sizable breaks in between. Did the same as you but then went into Judgment shortly after. It's one of the better ones but I just got burnt out after the first 20 hours. Might come back to it later though.

Yakuza 0 is my first Yakuza game and, as a result, I'm heavily interested in getting the other games. That can be good or bad because if you've played the best, it's all downhill from here. Although from the looks of it, aside from Kiwama, disappointment won't really be much of an issue if Yakuza 0 is the first one played.

At the end of the day it's a remake of a mediocre game. It has a lot of mid-life ps2 game symptoms like the difficulty curve, the bosses for the sake of having bosses, and the boring side quests for the sake of having sidequests. It was in the second game that the series found its identity and strengths.

bad taste

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If I were you, I'd wait at least 2-3 months before playing the next one. Get the game(s) if it's on sale, but don't get burned out.

Still bummed yakuza is gonna get gay and go turn based in the next game

0, Kiwami, or 1 on PS2. There's not really a definitive answer for this question because they all have downsides.

There are way less mini games and stuff. Zero was a brand new game from the ground up. Kiwami 2 has a different combat engine but is a vastly more improved experience.

5 and 4 are some of the best games in the series, I'd take either over either Kiwami any day.