Remember when games having depth was the standard, rather than the exception?

Remember when games having depth was the standard, rather than the exception?

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literally every melee player looks like they live in a sewer

why'd you post a game whose depth exists within a glitch that makes 3 characters viable out of the whole roster.

Imagine the smell.

zain is so cute bros.

There is more roster diversity in melee's top 10 than third strike's

Spoken like a true smelee, nobody even mentioned fucking street fighter. Your party game is absolute dogshit fgc wise

I want to sniff Leffen's armpits!

This guy has never actually spent any meaningful time in the melee scene

Not that user but still more diverse than MVC3 or 3rd Strike

nigga you play? how'd you do at your locals before the shit happened? are you active on netplay? make a room

Why are you so asshurt over a simple fact. Its balance is as adequate as any other classic fighting game's

not even remotely you fucking autist

its the power of nintendo

pffffft ahahahahahahahahaha
the actual state of fucking smash bros retards

Don't post old game because it's directly competing with Nintendo's new game still. Don't piss off the tendies. Consoom new game and 2 fighter passes before you even know what they'll be. That'll be $90 USD plus tip please.

Again you post this garbage clip
He fucks up a wavedesh, then techs in place, and even fucks up his DI after that. I see better play at fucking locals, its not a combo

that upsmash

Well spoken brother. This was the era of soul before the monsters at Nintendo ruined it.

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>those flags

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>poo in loo
>competitive Smash player
Bros, I don't think I can imagine the smell. It's too powerful to comprehend.

Was a tournament in mexico city I believe. Taco niggers always dominate at smash.

>I can't prove him wrong so I'll just meme and pretend I won

Sorry meleefags but your era is finally over. Thank god. Ultimate is a million times better.

Your entire post was wrong you fucking autist lmao this is why you're the joke of the fgc

hey newsflash honey, games have been 3d for a while now, depth is the norm

Prove it

No u

Why does the continued existence of Melee make Yas Forums seethe so hard?

>Spacey chaingrabs on FD

It doesn't we just get a laugh out of you dweebs. Ultimatechads won already.

>tfw there will be no tournaments until at least november
I can't even play netplay because my controller broke and made me walk to the left for 2 seconds whenever I moved the stick slightly to the left

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Lol, even Ultimate babies hate Ultimate. The community is already bitching about characters and cheap techniques. It will be Smash 4 all over again.

Prove what? Your game is a fucking joke and every single person in the fgc laughs at you autists


>Still the most popular fighting game on earth
Yeah whatever you say stinky. I know it's hard for melee autists to grasp the concept of acknowledging a game's flaws but just a few isolated criticisms does not mean we hate the game. It's like saying "Smeleefags hate Melee because of jigglypuff" when you'll be quick to get defensive and elaborate why that isn't the case.