Setting aside your goals, who's your favorite Animal Crossing villager that you've gotten so far?

Setting aside your goals, who's your favorite Animal Crossing villager that you've gotten so far?

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Phoebe and Jacques. Don't think I'll ever let either of them go.

Didn't Animal Crossing threads get banned from Yas Forums?

Katt. Only villager I won't allow to leave.

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Skye a cutie even though she has a DIY house

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What are some villagers that have cool secret details that you can't immediately tell from looking at them? For example Dotty becomes a Terminator when she is surprised.

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dom's chin gets pronounced in certain expressions and its fucking hilarious

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thank god my nfc tags come tomorrow so i can replace all these DORKS

Scoot, though he was my first.

Did somebody say based?

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Del does this too, but he actually looks faintly mechanical. What's the reasoning behind Dotty doing it?

Rabbits were placed on Earth to fool Christians by Satan. The psyop worked, we now celebrate a giant rabbit on Easter rather than our lord and savior.

The one and only

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Doc. He’s a giant dope, but also looks it with his dumb glasses and his flannel shirt.

I love him.

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Kidd also does it. So there are more non-robot animals that do it besides Dotty but I can't find a logical reason for it.

Can you only do one May Day tour a day or?

You can only do one period. That was the only one.

Still here user, what would you like in return?

Stella. The only one of my initial 5 I'm keeping. Pity they she'll never have her proper house.

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I really like kid cat, i got agent S too. I ship them so hard but their houses aren't even remotely close to eachother


You realize you can move their houses closer, right? It's your island.

alfonso. had him in every ac i've played and he was the first one to pop up on my mystery tour.

Tickets, how about 12 for 10 gold?

Deal, can you give me your dodo and I'll pop over with the tickets.
I'm embarrassed with my island at the moment

Nibbles, she threw me a birthday party. Learned a lot of DIYs from her. Didn’t even know who she was until this version of the game. Panicked yesterday because I couldn’t find her at all, come to find out she was hanging out in the museum most of the day

Dom is my nigga

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people who say he's too cute to be a jock don't understand he's meant to look like he's trying to act tough but is actually a dumb baby and probably fat

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she does this when she runs up to me. it spooked me a little the first time

Here you go

What is that?

All the new villagers are meant to subvert expectations for what you expect that personality type to look like. Dom is a jock even though he's a big round guy with eyes like he's about to cry. Audie is a peppy even though wolves tend to be pretty calm and refined. And I don't feel like doing the rest.

Don't forget to buy your thank you mom mug

I wish this painting was in Animal Crossing.

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Not getting anything with that code

raymond isn't subversive, he's just a megane

He actually is because all of the smugs are fucking ugly and he's not.

Scrap that, think my internet screwed up, on my way now.

You sure? there's someone coming, Fenxiris

Raymond, Sherb, Judy all fit perfectly for their personality. I do like Dom being a tryhard jock though.

What kind of parent names their kid Fenxiris?

Anyone have turnip prices at least over 100? I got a decreasing trend and I ain’t picky

Judy looks pretty happy and colorful and cute, you'd expect her to be a peppy or something but she's a snooty instead. I can't come up with anything for Sherb.

Probably Hamlet but I also like Ken and Agnes