[Suggestion] Use the expression

[Suggestion] Use the expression.

Play Disco Elysium!

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Why do you leftypol trannies keep shilling?

Why are you obsessed with trannies? are you scared you are an egg?

I pirated it and enjoyed it a lot

Is this the game that finally showcased Yas Forums's true hypocritical and immature nature and BTFO'd them forever?

In a game where you can choose any political side you want, they just have to seethe about the one they disagree with.

wow me too!

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What the fuck is this "egg" nonsense I've been seeing all of the sudden?

[Rhetoric] He's just rambling Yas Forumstourist. Let him seethe. You don't need to say anything, res ipsa loquitur.

>its okay that we mass killed people because the other people massed killed people

Nazis and Stalinists both get the bullet.

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So you're afraid of transsexuals?

Stop shilling this leftist faggot game

>leftist intelligence


Why do you leftypol trannies want an anti white safespace?

wtf is an egg? why can't you subhumans come up with decent insults?

is basic logic leftist? After 2016, I'm not actually surprised. You do need to employ doublethink in order to still be a republican.

>basic logjc is cutting your cock off and worshipping niggers
Why do you leftypol trannies want an anti white safespace?

You know how someone is violently anti-gay? The person who is the first to prove to everyone they aren't gay? Its that, but for transsexuals.

what's up with all this projection? you seem pretty aggressive and misinformed.

the only thing I want is to discuss a game without sidestepping into useless hate, racism and transphobia.

Oh right, delusional AGP projections.

>Faggot is censored, the developer is gay and doesn't like people using the word. :(
>'Game' claims to be a CRPG. Is actually a visual novel.
> No replayability what so ever.
>Game features Eceleb voice actors from ChapoTrapHouse.
>Left wing options give EXP and money. Right wing options damage the player.
>Dev's self insert will berate you for choosing "Fascist" dialogue options.

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where did the 'anti-white' part come from?
It must suck to constantly live in a state of fear. I think you should lay off the fox news.

That's retarded as fuck.

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I will once it's out on switch

okay, egg

Me too - When the fuck is that?

Okay, faggot

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Absolutely based.

I do all leftists hate the white race and worship niggers?

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You got me, egg.

Ok deluded crossdresser

>I do all leftists hate the white race and worship niggers?
But I don't hate anyone, and I don't know any leftists that hate white people either? You have to start asking yourself if you might be brainwashed by extremist propaganda.

Try not consuming any Yas Forums or fox news for a while, and you'll see a big positive change in your mood

>no argument from the leftypol tranny
Why do all leftists want to genocide the white race for the benefit of non whites?