Can't decide

Can't decide.

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Neither game has Keanu Reeves, yeah thats a hard pass on both for me.

4 to maximize comfy & SOUL

Persona 3 for the story
Persona 4 for the characters
>Persona 5 for the gameplay

Yeah I'm gonna end the thread here.

Everybody liked that.

Both are great, but 4 is better in the 4 areas:

story wise
character wise
gameplay wise
music wise

3 has better story, characters and music.

Delusional fuck

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Should be 3. 4 felt like a lazy quick cash grab, asset flip and same dungeons.

Persona 5 is what 4 should've been.

P3 no contest

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Fuck off p3 tranny go burn your dread or whatever other gay emo shit you faggots do.

I couldn't get through 4, gameplay was somehow more grindy than 3.

one of those character has no soul.

P3 better story and characters
P4 better comfy and gameplay
Both good music

Ultimately I'd say P4, though I'd never fault anyone for choosing P3. I just think that the pacing in P3 could have been better and some of the SLs were a little boring, but it WAS their first time trying something like that. Though I'd say that the overall message and story behind P3 was a bit stronger. Plus, as someone who went into P4 blind, I thought that P4 had a pretty fun murder mystery plot

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You're high, the story isn't better and neither are the characters. In fact its a lot worse because the main group can't even have a rational thought without you there telling them what to do. The only character who's pretty much good enough is Adachi when he comes out about his true self.
The music though, I will say some of it is pretty nice. Nothing really too bad there.

False on all counts

Objectively P3 is a better game in every aspect but the gameplay since Tartarus is more boring than P4's dungeons in the visual aspect.
Great story, great characters, great music, and I also cried when Kimi no Kioku started playing. An amazing game overall and it definitely deserves a remaster of some sort even though it's almost certain that if it happens Atlus will 100% fuck something up with unnecessary new story content like some other garbage remake girl that this game never needed or try to make this game as close to P5 as possible and this way ruining what made it stand out like they did with P3P

Pick Nocturne instead

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BASED and chunguspilled

4 Easily. 3 is great too, but 4 is peak Persona

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Aigis really is the best girl too bad no pussy

Persona 5

According to Yas Forums it's 3

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4 because is the most happy one

>Naoki talking to his sister in the back

3 because everything after that keeps degenerating further and further into pure wish fulfillment.

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>portal anywhere near that high
shit list instantly

>Persona 5 above both

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is p2 actually worth playing through?

Why did they get rid of Philemon again?


HELLLLLL NO. It's worth a watch on YouTube for the story, but P2's gameplay is the worst in the damn series.

I like Persona 3 more in every regard except gameplay, personally, but that doesn't mean I dislike persona 4.


The official reason is to let the younger staff do their own thing with Persona and to respect 1&2.

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3 starts slow but has the best conclusion of all the modern games. Even people who think 3 is overhyped can't shit on Nyx.
4 is generally more consistent but it's highs aren't as high.
The rest (music, theming, characters, etc.) is just a matter of opinion.

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P3 is better in everything except for the gameplay which P3P fixed. Both games uses the same garbage dungeons though

It is superior to both and far more popular

This. P4 suffers from it's emotional high being heaven.