what am I in for?

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If you're going to be looking at your screen, expect things to like pop out of it


unlocking your true potential

LSD is really good at making your dick hard and loosening your butthole so you should probably let a nigger fuck your ass.

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are you talkin real LSD or dream emulator?

Should I try LSD before DMT? What are the risks of going straight for the very hard psychedelics instead of starting with lighter stuff?

Is it not cool to get one massive fucking trip on the first time?

Can it fuck you up mentally?

An interesting dream exploration game for the Sony PlayStation. Also, go listen to music by the game's creator, Osamu Sato.

a bizarre ps1 game

When I do LSD I get beyond immersed in whatever game I'm playing. I get fully invested in the lives of filler NPCs and follow them around.
I walk the sidewalks of GTA5 and drive the speed limit and follow traffic laws
When I play driving sims in VR it's so fucking amazing. You have to put enough effort into staying on the road, but you let your mind wander as the visuals activate in VR and it's really cool.
Tripped last weekend.
Tripped acid on the animal crossing launch. That was wild. You really get into the game on LSD.

I'd say try LSD before DMT. During the come up for DMT it'll feel A LOT like LSD so get that experience first

The only people that get fucked up mentally are the people who treat it like some spiritual journey. These are also the same people who go with the "your ego death" bullshit.
Nigga enjoy the swirlies. No one's made actual change in their life because of LSD.

DMT is less likely to fuck you up
t. seen the clockwork elves

It's the difference between a roller coaster and shooting off in a spaceship. You'll be fine either way but they're completely different and one won't necessarily prepare you for the other.

>all these degenerates sharing tips on getting high
You should all be in jail

LSD first, 100%.

I tried playing Warhammer on LSD and couldn't get over how pretty the game was. Until those rat fuckers started spearing me and I had to nope the fuck out out that. Scared me shitless.

You ARE already in jail maaaan, a JAIL of you MIND!!!

Some decent traction control.

like the drug or the ps1 game?

Lol being mad at LSD. How does it feel to be a retard?

I see, got any experience with it yourselves?

I guess it's a bit of what I was going for, care to explain?

How so? Is it due to length or actually getting physically harmed because of the nature of the product?

I see, didn't expect that.

i smoked dmt
ask me something

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>he hasn't become the void through 5-MeO-DMT


Can you elaborate? I’ve heard about them but thought they were bullshit, but the fact that multiple people have seen the same thing is interesting.

did you communicate with entities?

Hows God doing? And how are the elves?

could trigger schizophrenia if you are genetically predisposed to it

Watch out for Machine Elves. They are the Jews of the astral plane.

I had very fractal vision and when I closed my eyes I was in some kind of a shifting tube that was rotating and there were little funny alien looking people on the sides of the tube

I've dropped acid like 30 times and smoked DMT three times. Both are beautiful but should be treated with respect. Do them with people you like and love, not at a rave or festival.

>tfw the only thing I can find in my town is shrooms
are they even worth the money

did they communicate/show something to you?

Realize it's chemicals messing with your brain and there's no supernatural element.
It doesn't exist.
Treat it 100% recreationally.
Mushrooms too. Don't let faggots turn you into a faggot like them.
You're going to feel great and you're going to start thinking of all sorts of things. This stuff messes with your flow of logic (much like alcohol) so that you start thinking of wild things and it's cool.
If you remember you're in total control and nothing bad's gonna happen, you then start to treat it recreationally.
If you start to treat it like some spirtual journey, when you start thinking of things you don't like, you'll feel powerless and will have a bad trip because "that's the way the universe really is" bullshit.
I've never had a bad trip no matter how much I've taken. They've all been really fun.

Yes I have experience with both LSD and DMT. LSD is a much less scary experience. When you smoke DMT, if you're not used to the LSD like come up, and your body feeling very odd during the whole thing then you'll most likely be too scared to breakthrough

Both. Being incapacitated does make things much safer, same reason K is the safest disso. And yes the length too, simply not enough time to get into any rabitholes with inner demons
Didn't like 5-meo, felt physique unpleasant
Multi-dimensional entities, I did not particularly enjoy my encounter with them, felt evil, it was very short though

Fuck yeah they are. Three-four gramms will blast you into outer space

nah they didn't even seem to be aware of anything they were just there

Only done it once. I tried playing Streets of Rage 2 because of how colorful it is but was tripping so hard that I couldn’t even get past the main menu without feeling mentally exhausted. Ended up doing nothing for like five hours except focus on staying in reality because I literally 100% thought I was going to slip out of existence. Comedown was great though, just listened to Smashing Pumpkins. Ended up becoming extremely depressed for the rest of the week because I learned that this world and existence is 100% a fucking lie and that the people I love (mom, dad, siblings) are all fucking fake. Still sucks to think about but I try not to think about it.

Good post!


Set and setting. Don't fight anything. Remember anything you see or hear that you don't like can't do anything to you. Just have fun and enjoy the trip.

OP just listen to this user

loool we got the good stuff and u dont. cry more bitch waaah

Listen to this guy if you want to lead a normal, successful life and still trip your nuts off on the weekend
Or listen to this guy living in a hostel convincing people at raves he saw tiny aliens appear in his room

Become a psychonaut, Yas Forums.

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