Another week, another funbag friday. Post and share the biggest bestest vidya tiddies around

Another week, another funbag friday. Post and share the biggest bestest vidya tiddies around.

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I see four funbags in this image.

Is there a translation for this?

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I have standard Dragon's Crown for PS3, is it worth it to get Pro for $7 right now? I'm sure the answer is "yes" since who gives a fuck about $7?

Gonna admit upfront that I don't play the game and only really enamored by Sorceress, but price wise I don't see why not. However if you spent so many hours on PS3, I see little reason to do every again from scratch, unless you enjoy the gameplay enough to do it all again.

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We can't let this thread die so soon

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Thanks based Raita

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Part of me wishes we finalized the vidya titty tier list chart idea.

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I feel like Elexis Sinclaire belongs in the forgotten tier

Fuck off pedo

Who is that?

>No zs Samus' tits, on the list

>Big tits on a mature, legal, woman is pedo.
(((Jason Schreier))) detected. You kikes need to be gassed.

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I believe that was the joke

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I'm glad people still remember this.

>"Wanna touch them user ?
Wat do

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Looks dumb and uncomfortable

Kill it


true, this is like fapping to aliens


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Replace Asuka with Yumi, nobody who started with the PS4 games knows other characters.

Move Morrigan to "Titties that time forgot", she may be your waifu but nobody knows what Darkstalkers is (not even Capcom).

Nobody except for Furries and Sonic fans knows who's Rogue the Bat and even then she's pretty obscure (definitely not in GOAT).

Move Sorceress to GOAT (she's literally marks V on all of your statements).

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