Did they ever remove the paywall for story mode content? Is it worth $20?

Did they ever remove the paywall for story mode content? Is it worth $20?

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Paywall? Are you daft?

What are you even talking about?

Paywall was a hoax.

Hello shills. And no. microtransaction shit is as bad as it ever was.

>Is it worth $20?

Yeah just don't take it too seriously. It's shitter than origins but funner imho.

Yes, they exist.
But there's no paywall. You dont need to pay for anything to finish the game. Learn what paywall means before you start talking shit, you retard.

>buying single player games

There is only one shill in this thread, polakboy. Your bosses at CDPR are not impressed, try a little harder.

Only retards think that this garbage requires grinding. Like this one . You simply need to complete quests and you'll naturally reach max level.
>Is it worth $20?
No. And most important of all it's not worth your time.

It's a discount Witcher 3, game's not bad

>seems like the perfect game during quarantine
>but if i buy it i'd be supporting the direction the series' heading
fuck bros

Unironically retarded

Truly sad to see all these corporate cock gobblers defending shitty business practices.

Greek here.

How accurate is the racial profile of the Greeks in this?

I'm a pasty white Greek with light eyes, as is my family, but I know many Greeks are brown looking, really depends from Greek to Greek.

>not just cheating in XP

>Only retards think that this garbage requires grinding
>You simply need to grind and you'll naturally reach max level

>Completing quests, aka progressing in this garbage of a game, is grinding
Fucking retard. Kill yourself.

>Completing copy pasta quest #127 is the same as progressing the main story
You truly are the lowest of the lowest common denominator. No wonder these games sells millions.

>he needs double XP
everyone KEK at this retard

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Why was this game so forgettable, bros?

i liked it.jpg

Most of them are really tan.

The setting wasnt that interesting for me.
Also, the entire game felt like it was trying too hard to be like Witcher 3 but without the interesting characters, lore and good writting in general.

It was fun at first, but after a while i just wanted it to end so i could move on to another game.

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Why the adamant defenders for generic bland ubigames like this? Everyone paid shills? Retards who think they are "master trolls"? Or this place just got worse taste than resetera and gamefaqs at this point?

Maybe people just have differente opinions that yours, user. It happens sometimes.

If you played this game as Alexios, I do not want to share a foxhole with you.

I didn't think it was forgettable at all. I loved it.
Kassandra best protag

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trannies, leave my thread at once.

Why does it bother you? I don't care you play chinese gachashit and you shouldn't care what others play.


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Maybe OP is thinking that the paywall is the DLC that ends the game's story
Or he is just a retard who believes every shit he reads on internet, who knows

For one, it makes it impossible to get an answer to a question like in the OP.

Kassandra or Alexios? Who should I start with

Alexios was a trash character. He was a wooden board who talked like he was constantly squeezing out a turd that just won't breach his asshole. I'm really glad I went with Kassandra - her voice actor & animtations were much more expressive and lively. She has some of the largest & best executed range of emotions I've seen in a PC in a long time. She wasn't just a one-note character like Alexios was, who just acted tough / angry all the time.

Play Alexios, he's much funnier.

I've pirated this shit. Fuck off, retard.

Yea I quit after meeting the sister at the magic island. I was in to it in the beginning but the combat was mediocre and the story was boring. I miss ezio.

It's pretty shit. Game has an ugly 300 filter on it. most of the characters are old bearded men and extremely shill and vulgar women who act like men. Kassandras armors are all frumpy and she uses alexios body. The only feminine armors are cash shop or the wonder woman outfit which requires you to more or less beat most of the game.

Graphics aren't as good as origins somehow. map design isn't as good as origins somehow. Forced to sail the gay boat around all the time to pad out playtime.

Annoying accents too, they don't sound like any greek person ive met and literally every second word out of everyones mouth is MALAKA and MISTHIOS. Oh and they give you these insulting dialog trees all the time even though about 99.99% of the time your choice wont matter, and not even in a grand scale i mean right there within that mission, choosing different dialog wont change anything about how it plays.

If origins kind of brought you back to the series, this is just all the worst aspects of it. Bloated and padded out and doesn't respect your time. I actually own the dlc and even though it seems kind of interesting with the setting, I dont want to even look at the game anymore. That shitty gold orange/blue color pallete.

There isn't a paywall for anything though, that's just wrong.

There's paywall for the cash shop at least, because I got tired doing stupid bounties and getting purple shit instead of cool legendary stuff.

>I miss ezio.

Kassandra without a doubt, and play on normal. Nothing changes on the higher difficulties except making enemies into extremely tanky damage sponges. You can still die on Normal if you're dumb and fuck up, but anything higher just prolongs fights significant and makes it so you're just a constantly underpowered little worm.

The cash shop is a cash shop not a paywall and none of it is needed for the main game. That's like saying dlc is a paywall.

Furthermore you can actually buy cash shop stuff from the Sargon shop with the ingame currency. you just have to wait for the specific thing you want to show up in the rotation.

Or you can just go to the nexus and download the trainer and give yourself all the cash shop stuff for free.

If you need anything to back up this point even more compare the Phoebe death scenes between the two. My fucking god, Alexios. So bad.

>Or you can just go to the nexus and download the trainer and give yourself all the cash shop stuff for free.
How? You can only change values of gold but orichalcum is stored on Ubi's server side

Would you recommend Origins to someone who kind of enjoyed this one?

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Έχει ένα-δύο NPCs που φαινονται λες και ειναι μαύροι/ες με λευκά χαρακτηριστικά αλλά 99% των NPCs είναι όπως θα περιμένες τους Έλληνες να είναι αν ήταν όλο το χρόνο έξω στον ήλιο.
Τέρμα μαυρισμένοι.

It's a same game, Origins has more mini-games. Better map. Slightly different combat, I prefer it Odyssey but they're both fun.

the outfits and shit are all in the game files, you can just unlock them for yourself and ubi doesn't give a shit.

Yes, it's Odyssey with all the tedious filler shit and just a straight up game. It's not a master piece either, the story can be incoherent sometimes, but Bayek is a really fucking cool character, almost ezio tier.

And egypt is way cooler than greece.

Origins is also a bit less flashy a bit more grounded (for NU AC standards). I enjoyed it better than i did Odyssey personally.

kassandra with the nude mod and the character customizer mod

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Yeah the mythological stuff (apart of the mummy DLC, the only one I didn't play so I can't tell) is pretty chill, mostly it's just hallucinations and you're not sure if it was real or not, meanwhile in Odyssey you're almost playing God of War