Nintendo’s looking at Wii era profit thanks to the virus...

Nintendo’s looking at Wii era profit thanks to the virus. They now have billions in war chest money able to survive 3 Wii U tier disasters. Any hopes of third party Nintendo are dead for the next 20 years

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They also made big deal with tencent to get some of that sweet chinese mobile gaming money

I'm very happy for Nintendo. They had some rough years with the Wii U. Glad to see their success with the Switch.

If only this meant they would be more willing to take risks and improve their products instead of further sliding down into mobile gaming mediocrity. Not that the switch is a failure or a huge dissapointment, but you can tell (especially when you compare it's software, which is quite generic android style based compared to something like the 3DS) that the decline in showmanship has begun

they had billions in cash reserves even before the switch released

user, they could've survived something like 50 years in the red without even looking at the fact that they own nearly a full third of Pokémon alone which is actually worth more than them minus their extra assets now, having doubled in value in the last 5 years.

maybe these yellow jews could invest in some studios that way they might release more games than monopoly compilations

They separated the divisions for this exact reason. Nintendo mobile is for glue eaters to get money out of gatcha addicts. Nintendo’s actual development happens elsewhere

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>hurrr just grow really fast and buy more studios

You don’t understand anything about their success.

Who cares when we have emulation?

They need to survive in order to have bing bing wahoos to emulate down the line

Great now they can sell you the switch library and the same fucking roms again for the next 10 years


Imagine going to a video store getting angry about back to the future being released on blu ray. This is what you sound like.

>Nintendo sees that their tactic of releasing half-baked games and dripfeeding content is working as well as dripfeeding system features
Christ, next console isn't looking good.

Ring fit came out at a very perfect time along with animal crossing

i'm not even surprised the two most mediocre 1st party games on Switch were made by the same division. you can't just re-release a game and slap deluxe on it while adding barely anything.

EPD 6 worked on Luigi's Mansion 3? I figured that was a Next Level solo effort, unless EPD provided oversight?

The worst part about this is that this will justify Nintendos next console being a weak piece of shit compared to the current gen in their own eyes.

EPD1 based and not based at the same time

That's what normies and autistic fanboys are for

Why do you guys act like emulation is this massive pillar of rebellion when so many Nintendo pirates still buy games?

I don’t know. At the current pace mobile tech is progressing a portable ps4 sounds awesome desu

Meanwhile at Sony...

>Taking risks

You mean their entire product line since the Gamecube era?

Right now they are using late 7th gen tech. The Switch isn’t much more powerful then a Wii U. When the PS5 and XSEX come out the Switch will be two generations behind. Around the same as the Gameboy Color was from the n64 and PS1 and the 3DS from the PS4 and XBONE

I have a Switch and this is my game library, I struggle to find something to play, I haven't touched it in a month

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You don't want third party Nintendo. They would go the way of Sega and the quality would plummet.

Most sane people understand this

It's not rebellion, it's salvation. Some of us just appreciate high resolutions and framerate, which Nintendo will never ever provide.


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>look daddy nintendo I'm defending you on the internet!!
I'm sure they're prouder of you than your real father

>Nintendo doesn’t appreciate frame rate