Raytracing will kill the last bit of soul in vidya

raytracing will kill the last bit of soul in vidya

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Looks like the opposite.

Bad graphics, low res textures, bad lighting, etc. does not make soul.

Why, what's wrong with Raytracing?

The lack of Keanu Reeves cameos is the only thing wrong with the current gaming industry.

You mean pathtracing. Raytracing is the definition of soul.

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soul means simple for Yas Forums, prove me wrong

>everything looks like irl
>no more fictional worlds
>no more unique character designs
>just boring real life models
I want to go back

I mean, "real time raytracing" is gimped and not really raytracing at all so

Just buy Xenoblade games. They're always guaranteed to have good fictional landscapes.

Just like how improved film technology destroyed animation.



It did. How many traditionally animated films have there been in the last 20 years vs the number of dreamworks/pixar lookalikes in the same span of time?

But it did. Traditional animation is fucking dead.

It did. Traditional animation died for full CG and noodle arms.

pathtracing just means that all raytracing effects are used its not actually any different from raytracing , devs just call raytraced "shadows" or "GI" or "reflections" etc but when its all used together like in Quake2remaster or MinecraftRTX its called pathtracing

>A new artist tool will ruin everything!

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It did

soul means not ruining the unfettered artistic vision. it's not always simple, like (you).
it's a bigger leap for gaming than VR


kek, it's the opposite faggot
raytracing will make it way easier to handle shadows, lighting with less processing power.
Aka less time spet on improved graphics, more spent on AI, gameplay and story

>Aka less time spet on improved graphics, more spent on AI, gameplay and story
Oh wait you're serious

nah path tracing is path tracing because you trace the ray paths from the camera view to the light sources instead of the other way around

how so? we can finally do pic related in real time

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this will not happen

Funny enough, no.

why not? unless it's not actually raytracing

thats not what raytracing means you retard. do you consider 3d animated films to be realistic because they don't use rasterization?

lmao gay tracing just looks like cameras with super high ISOs

>penis game

Lmaooooooooo nigga are you really that dumb?

>cant run rtx because poorfag
>complain to everyone thinking its r/gaming

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>pixelated sprites
>polygonal graphics
>blurry textures

except it does you fucking bitch

Stop being wrong

By definition removing the soul from the art

Yas Forums will only play games that look like dogshit

not enough ray bounces