So now that the dust has settled and everyone agrees that FFVII Remake was shit...

So now that the dust has settled and everyone agrees that FFVII Remake was shit, how will Square Enix correct course going forward?

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the old games didnt go away, just ignore it guys

Loved the remake more than the original at the same point. Yas Forums always bitching about games they watch YouTube videos on instead of playing. Hope the wait isn't too long for part 2.

True, v are just mostly made up out of self hating retards. They can shitpost here and act cool cause they are >anons lmao

>Yas Forums's contrarian opinions mattering at all to developers

You poor deluded soul.


>Most viewed mainstream review despises the game.
>Contrarian opinions

Keep seething fag.

People on Yas Forums are unable to see outside their own hive

>how will Square Enix correct course going forward?

They won't, because their fuckup will make JUST enough money for the venture to be profitable. They'll just keep plugging along, finish taking their stinking dump, and move on to the next terrible thing.

Dunkey is a contrarian for views, everyone knows this.


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dunkeys hates most games he plays. It's not funny to like a game. He hates jrpgs too and he's right because they're shit.

But FF7 is now canonically the bad ending.

>guy who hate JRPGs hates a JRPG


he gushed about switch mario game and it was funny.

The story changes were dumb in most places but I also had a lot of fun with the fighting. So I'm not sure what to day.

The first one? Yeah because it subverted most of the dumb shit the normal jrpgs did. He also liked earthbound.

>Aerith lives

everyone fucking lives

biggs lives, wedge lives, jessie lives, they evacuated sector 7 before the plate drop, they evacuated the shinra HQ before Sephiroth attacked

its the disney version of FF7, all that kingdom hearts development has rotted nomuras brain even further

keep saying it

Not that many people got evacuated, just the people standing near the pillar. You see a lot of people still caught in the fall itself after, too. Plus all the topside people are dead too.

>So now that the dust has settled

how to tell if someone is shitposting

>I don't like anime. It's cringe.
What a fucking retard.

Threadly reminder that Jap mannerisms are cancer.

Which you’re never shown. The only thing you are shown is the NPCs you have an emotional connection to surviving, which undermines the entire tragedy. As is revisiting the bar, since Shinra dropped the fucking plate specifically to hit avalanche, but somehow missed a chunk of the bar within spitting distance. It’s the most sterile disaster I've ever seen

Wedge got chucked out of Shinra tower like a bag of trash. He’s dead

>He’s dead
Oh no no no guys should we tell him?

This. They don't have any balls anymore.

Remake is fun. Characterization puts the OG to shame. Aerith a cute. Makes Yas Forums seethe with unbridled tranny rage. Took all bets off the table so literally anything can happen so you can expect people to keep the hype alive well until part 2. The sheer amount of asshurt and memes it spawns is well worth the price of purchase.

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blame Kabuki plays for exaggerated and animated expressions that have to basically scream at you to get across what emotion they're conveying.

Too fucking perfect

>Jim Sterling
>Loves it
>Angry Joe
>Made him go out and purchase Final Fantasy games
>Can't shut up about it
>But the boss baby guy hates it!
literally who

They will not

Based, high IQ, high test, high based, based and boobie s

What did Ultamania give clarification?

I liked the Remake though

90% of the answers in ultimania for 7R are "please look forward to part 2"

It didn't but you got a fade to black, if there's no corpse there's no death, he probably hang onto something before falling, even Biggs survived the entire plate falling alongside the pillar he was in, severely wounded and unconscious.

I legitimately think that Dunkey has fucking awful opinions about video games for the most part. And I don't think he's even played the original.

>Wedge and Biggs survive but Jessie doesn't
Fuck this gay Earth sometimes


>the game is about a group of friends going on an adventure
>its a fun game with serious moments, Remake is a serious game with fun moments
He hasn't.

>he thinks jessie isn't alive

Nomura cannot keep people dead.

The only reason I think that Jessie is dead is mostly due to her getting a lot more emotional buildup than the others. Honestly it wouldn't shock me if she's not dead as well. Even though that would kinda fuck that scene up entirely.