This is literally the video game version of Asuka vs Rei

This is literally the video game version of Asuka vs Rei

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No, because both characters are good in this example. Only Oedipus complex fags who want to fuck a realdoll like Rei.

>he hasn't seen rebuild

Tifa and Aeris are both likeable though.

>implying titfa isn't just seen as a boobie fuckdoll by most incel Yas Forumsirgins on this board
Nope, Aerith is the only one with an actual personality. Nobody wants a shy bimbo unless you're a permavirgin


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I love Tifa and i’ve had sex IRL more than once.

>Rebuild Rei and Asuka
>Even the same characters as normal Rei and Asuka
Nobody's talking about Rebuild.

Seethe, bitch. They're both great characters.

>the street whore vs the high class escort
I'll take Priscilla thank you

>The street whore versus the village bicycle
Fixed. They're both trash.
Cloud is also meth addict trash, and Barret is a ghetto nigga.
Yuffie's a fucking weeb, Vincent's an emo, Cid's gray in his 30's and got friendzoned by a nerd, Reeve is autistic, and Red is a furry.

The cast of FF7 is a bunch of fucking losers.

cid is at least fifty wtf

You are literally 23 years late to this realization.

Cid is younger than Barret.

Nah Tifa is the real MVP in the original. Cloud is a vegetable with out her fixing him.

They're closer to Betty and Veronica than Asuka and Rei. People go for Eva because it was a similar timeframe, but it's just the classic love triangle.

Aerith is a Goddess. Tifa is an amazing girl, she would be a 100/10 in our world but she just can't compare against Aerith.


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Jessie > Kyrie > Tifa > Aerith

Cid's 32, Barret's 35.
>inb4 Dub
This scene reaffirmed my position as a Tifa-fag

Then who is Kaworu?

Sephiroth and the comparison fits even more now with the remake

Its 2020. 15 years of watching anime and I have never wanted to see Eva and still have no intention of watching.

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Ha-ha. Fuck this girly bullshit. Real men don't need this stuff in the game.

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You should before the world ends in 2021 from China and USA nuking each other over wuflu.
It's bucket list worthy

They are the Bizarro Ryoko and Ayeka that get along with each other.

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Wrong, they're literally Asuka and Shinji.

Cloud is basically Rei.


Very correct.

>basically Betty and Veronica
Absolutely wrong

For me, it's Rei and Tifa.

its compelling and interesting and realistic in its portrayal of fucking broken busted ass people dealing with fucked situations
disregard anyones opinion who says shinji is just a pussy

I like both of them.

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But Shinji is a pussy.
Most 13 year olds are pussies.

>Is snippy at Aerith and is actually mad at Tifa because she's going to steal Cloud from him.
Stop watching Eva, Nomura.

All probably true, but they're presented as a lovable motley crew of misfits.
They're not meant to be role models.

>Most 13 year olds are pussies.
Yeah YOU. I was real GANGSTA