Party member is a joker

>party member is a joker

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I want to fuck a clowngirl so bad. I want to grope her tits and have honking noises come from them. I want to have her take out a condom when we're about to have sex and blow it up and turn it into a balloonanimal that I cum on and shove up her ass.

You shouldn't fuck a dumb goddess

Reminder that konosuba ended today and Aqua actually fucking won

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>party member is a retard
More games like this?

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Great, now if only we can stop it from having started

Konosuba gacha is the only gacha i wanna play

>More games like this?

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Fake news. It was an open end.

>It was an open end.

That's actually worse.

Harem end or bust.

nobody won the kazuma bowl? lame

The author literally copy pasted the original web novel ending he wrote 8 years ago

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gib spoilers

>party member is joker

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Author didn't have the balls. There's apparently an epilogue, but it will probably be nothing.

Kill jestah

it is nothing, he has completely fucked it up


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Name 3 Light Novels that landed the ending.
Hell, name 3 anime or manga that landed the ending.
Japs are absolutely shit at this

Crying Aqua

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>Joker is the party's leader

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Mushoku Tensei
Spice & Wolf

>Never thought the day would come when my heart skips for this girl

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well, now this is over
cannot wait to be just as disappointed at overlords ending when it gets shat out
why do japs suck at endings

Oregairu was pretty good if you were a Yukinochad.

>mushoku tensei
ewww self insert weeb trash

at least we have endless isekai quartet they like to shit out

Based Kazuma with the great taste.

Not even the best Joker.

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Wait I thought Megumin already won a long time ago, what happened?

>Spice & Wolf
Manga variant was better though

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Konosuba is weird. In the anime I liked Megumin, but in the novels I hated her and overwhelmingly preferred Darkness since she's the only responsible one in the group. But in doujins I've only liked Aqua. I guess that's just good harem coverage, or something.
Didn't the guy literally just quit writing it because he got bored or something?

FMA had a satisfactory ending
inb4 03tards

If you self-insert as the guy who got kicked out of his apartment for jacking off to loliporn during his mother's funeral, I worry for you.

Best party with best Joker

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I mean, Dark Souls 2 has a class that has 1 INT so that way YOU can be the retard.

megumemers btfo

I'm an 03'er but liked BH as well. What now?

New volume just came out
he is facetious on twitter about "do it yourself" and "not gonna do it anymore" and Yas Forumsnons like the autists they are interpret it lexically literal

Aquachads win again

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does not compute

he likes Aqua now apparently

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