Monster Hunter

Please stop sliding you cunt.

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I'll slide as much as I want BITCH

I fall asleep to Namielle's sloppy sliding ASMR audios.

Any new weapons or just some shitty armor?

Took me 3 tries and 40 minutes to kill the fucker with a GS. I knew I was bad, but holy shit this is depressing.

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killed her/him first try just now at 6am.
Solo is so easy. dont have to deal with rng targeting

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Is AT here yet or is this regularly scheduled Namielle bitching

>friendly fire attacks that slightly stagger people that are used to get teammates out of debilitations and can be negated with 1 decoration
>uppercuts, attacks that make you fall on your ass, regular attacks that stagger you even with flinch free because ???
What the fuck were they thinking?

it's here

I'm sure it's possible but honestly don't bother fighting this shit with lance. You hit for 30-40 per hit without tenderizing.
You can't even tank the nova with Power Guard + Guard 5, not that you need to but you should be able to.
I switched to HH mid hunt and killed it so easily, I guess they really forget some weapons are in the game

Will we ever get an MH with true soul again? Like pre World

They should make lance deal damage by guarding in the sequel.
Or make the Power guard do so.
Right now it fells like HBG and Gunlnace are just as good at guarding but acualy deal damage.

You can't even tank the nova with Power Guard + Guard 5 you can with divine blessing though.


What ammo type are you using? Spread? Fire? Pierce? Sticky?

Power guard actually makes you take more chip damage, as a FYI.

If you want Maximum Tank, you just use Guard 5 +Guard up and guard normally.


Seems like a great day to farm tickets.

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Really? Sorry, I'm still new to the weapon, I actually asked when I should be power guarding instead of normal guard the other day but got no answer.
I'm gonna try Gunlance just because of this fight, I was getting used to the damage Lance did until I got these numbers with AT Nami.

How are those AT Nami runs going?

pierce, it was hell. half of my shots get 0'd by Nami's aura.
Ill try spread next, sticky is too dangerous imo

fucking shit, I got all my tickets, but half the time it took over 20 mins.

Slow since randoms are unreliable as always, I'm tempted to switch to GL too. fuck dealing with the water armor mechanics, even with a Kjarr Fire CB it's a pain in the ass.

power guard doesn’t lose stamina from attacks, only the steady drain from the guard itself, so use it for attacks that would otherwise deplete your stamina and break your guard

Decently, no carts and only get put into a tight spot a few times but all my clear times are 26-25 minutes long.

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Great fight. Love the remixed moves and x5 flyby lightning slams. Feels like proper MH endgame fights

What is the deal with the whole “water armor” thing I keep hearing about even with regular Namielle? I only ever meleegrug her head and I never noticed anything different damage-wise. Is it a gunner thing? Does it have to do with her wet vs dried out colors?

How would sticky be dangerous?

Spread HBG is one of three weapons i'm thinking of trying out for AT nami runs today- I'm staring at

- Hammer with Evade Window 4/5
- GS (Standard Unga shit)
- HBG Spread 3

So, how come it's okay for hunters to kill elder dragons for fun in new world, without giving a single fuck about consequences?
Is it because guild can't expell them there?

When Nami is wet, the hitzones for physical and shot attacks are really low- not enough to trigger Weakness exploit. However, Nami's Fire hitzones go up.

When Nami dries out, the physical hitzones become actually pretty good, but then Nami is no longer weak to fire.

need to delete native wildlife to make safe areas for future settlers, can’t have civilians come over when there’s still encroaching anjanaths everywhere

>finally flinch namielle enough so that the water comes off
>not 3 seconds later, it instantly absorbs water and gets its armor back (while staggering you with said water)
is this mechanic just a complete fucking joke?