Literally every character in this game is a ripoff from Super Paper Mario

>Literally every character in this game is a ripoff from Super Paper Mario
Why are people praising this unoriginal pile of dogshit?

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show me the proof.

every character ever created is a ripoff

kinda late for this

Which one's Mario?

>mario can jump
>none of the characters in undertale can jump
sorry op but i just owned you

Asgore is a hyped up main villain that’s revealed to be good at the end like Count Bleck
Tippi is exactly like Toriel, a motherly character who helps the main protagonist and has a name pun involving a word that means “helpful advice”
Muffet is a rip-off of the spider girl in SPM. Both of them want money.
Alphys is a rip-off of the nerdy lizard in SPM. Both love anime.
Flowey is exactly like Dimentio with reality warping abilities. He also stops the main villain and becomes a nightmare creature final boss.

I could go on and on.

Finish off the rest of them, who's undyne, sans and papyrus

-Toriel and Tippi Both are kind female figures who guide you through the game. Their names are a pun on a word meaning “useful starter information". They were once the lover of the one who looks to be the final boss of the game.

-Asgore and Count Bleck Cape-wearing royalty who is hyped up throughout the game to be the final boss, and while you do fight them for a time, eventually another character comes in and disposes of them, beginning the real final boss battle. Turns out to be a cinnamon roll in spite of their murderous intentions. Former lover of previously described character.

-Flowey and Dimentio Affably evil asshole that everybody loves to hate. Although they don't seem more than a nuisance for much of the game, in the end they become an abomination of a final boss. They possess the same unusual reality-warping powers of the main character, which otherwise are quite hyped up and centralized around this player character. They take one or multiple heart-shaped magical objects (as well as power from well-loved characters) from the previously described character, that are very powerful, in order to destroy existence. Their main final battle has them functionally invincible until multiple colourful heart objects circle around the player character, after which this defense is dropped and the battle can be won. Many consider their battle themes incomplete without the sound effects from their bullet hell of a boss fight.

-Alphys and Francis One of the most obvious ones. Nerdy lizard who absolutely loves anime. Super girly anime. And cats. They get very noticeably nervous around those they have a crush on (but are kind of nervous in general anyways). Both impede the player quite a bit, in fact. Are known for complaining about the sequels to their favorite anime. Both simulate a date with the player (in which they consider giving items to boost a made up dating statistic) but fail very easily out of nervousness. They even resemble each other even taking into account that they're both lizard furries. Same posture and back of head spikes (that not all lizards have.) Both build robots that also impede the player's progress and are in some cases invincible because of sturdy metal plating.

-Muffet and Mimi Girly, pigtailed spider girl who wants your money- and a lot of it. In the battle with her you are chased by a rather scary spider type thing.

Kek, what an uncreative shit pile.



Toby is an uncreative hack and it shows.

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Holy based, Toby making insane amounts of money by copy pasting shittier games? My respect for him as doubled.

Kek. An uncreative hack.

stop sucking your own dick and go back to finishing that fucking sequel toby

Although OP is right here. I would argue that Undertale did it’s characters better than SPM

simple. people who played undertale never played paper mario.

I played both and liked Undertale more :^)

Being orginal is not good thing in itself. Culture was always about referencing older works, and recreating old ideas.
Only morons who never had a lick of classical culture in their life are outraged about unorginality.

Undertale did it’s characters better. SPM is fanfic tier contrived shit.

>indie "creator" steals from superior source material and fucks it up
what else is new

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I like paper mario more, but in undertale defense, all the similarities are typical tropes that existed well before paper mario.
just because 2 games used the same tropes(which coincidentally go well together) it doesn't mean one copied the other.


SPM is fanfic tier shit. Undertale did it’s characters correctly.

There’s a difference between tropes and just outright stealing.

SPM's story and humor are unironically its worst parts. Literal reddit humor and way too much cringy OCs that don't fit AT ALL with Mario.

Lmfao don’t act like the “seven gems that make you powerful” trope is a paper Mario unique concept

Mario doesn't jump.
The player presses a button which pulls the gravity around Mario upward and drops him back down.

Wagner, Tolkien, Icelandic Sagas all over again.
It doesn't matter.

I don't get it.
1) The original poster has made it blatantly clear how Undertale was ripping off SPM in a very concise manner.
2) Undertale is hated on Yas Forums
3) Yet the only people replying feel the need to defend Undertale

What is wrong with this website?

Worse than the platforming?

Ripoffs are the best!!