We wuz rappers and shiet

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Wiki wiki wkii pow pow pow.

A viking is what I am
And about christian men I don't give a damn
We raid, we kill, but we're the good guys
While you english king can't rap even if he tries

pow chiki pow, wiki wiki wiki

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youre white arent you

Yup, vikings were my ancestors. Rapping is in my blood.



Its not rap its more like Insult sword fighting.
The writer of that article is just dumb.

They were actually a thing you dumb Yas Forumstard.

Also I have a little penis

Flyting or fliting is a contest consisting of the exchange of insults between two parties, often conducted in verse

Sounds like rap to me.

You fight like a Dairy Farmer.

How appropriate, you fight like a cow

That's literally rap. Face it. Vikings were hood niggas

The medieval vikings would say that rap sounds like Flyting.

Who gets to decide the correct term?

If I remember correctly there's "flyting" in kalevala, which was part inspiration for tolkien's lord of the rings. So what we can conclude is that legolas was the "og" rapper

fuck meant gandalf

So basically whites invented rap and the blacks stole it. Typical

Is literally poetry. Not rap. You actually had to be well educated in poetic recital to do flyting well.

>I'm white
>vikings were my ancestors
>vikings were hood niggas
>I can now say the n-word and be justified
Feels good nigga.

hol up

so you be sayin

battle poetry sounds pretty dope
too bad it's all going to be Marvel-tier quip writing

Vikings are snow niggers because all they did of note is chimped out and riot, I mean raped and pillaged

Shiiiiet nigga. Thats all you had to say

First of all, I'm not a rapper. I'm a flyter.

Nah what Väinämöinen does is not flyting. He was able to cause things happen by playing his kantele (a type of lute) and singing.
For example he "lauloi Joukahaisen suohon" which translates to "he sang Joukahainen into a bog".
He sang lyrics depicting the person drowning himself in a swamp, so the person did it, as if mind controlled.
t. a Finn

Sup Consul soon my bros

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Why do white bois love saying nigga and nigger so much online?

Yeah apart from inventing the best ships of the era, conquering Paris the most formidable city in Europe and conquering all of England.

>pow chiki pow, wiki wiki wiki
Holy cringe

Its still alive and well in my neck of the woods in the Basque Country.


Usually they are given a theme and they rhyme and sing about it taking different views on the matter , its not so much about dissing your rival than it is about being creative with your verses.
Its pretty common on festivals and big events and there is a championship every year.

The vikings did have a form of "rap" it was called Flyting and the tradition of Flyting persisted in England until at least the Early Modern period. In viking flyting two skalds would impersonate gods and would insult the other, with a vote on who won.

The Norse Edda is filled with examples of flyting, although it only works as a fast paced flyte when readin the original language. Odin is particularly well known for it and there is an entire story in the Edda about Odin impersonating a fisherman and then delivering a stream of poetic insults to Thor calling him a weak willed bitch.

So rap is the niggerized version aka minus the education

What I mean is, this is just shitty journalism.

Maybr Ubi are deliberately trying to stir controversy, but its probably just shitty journalism with maybe a mix of shitty marketing execs trying to explain something they don't understand.

Basque are pretty based

They are afraid to use it in real life so Yas Forums is where they come to let it out

Post yfw you just learned that niggers didn't even invent rap

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*Viking rape battles
ftfy, had a little typo there.

Wait a minute...whites invented rap?
Hold on a sec...
Just wait.
Can you see it coming? I do.

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Funny, my medieval viking says you are full of shit...

Fuck if I remember anymore. Found this though