Buy a pisstation4

>buy a pisstation4
>not a single soul uses voicechat, even in overwaste ranked or "match chat" in private servers

what the fuck happened, is it the same on pc? I stopped playing on pc about 6 years ago and I remember having fun with voicechat or just text chat. It feels like I'm playing with bots on this useless piece of junk

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dunno. i live in a place where nobody speaks so hard to say. only people who ever spoke were some 12 year olds 20 years ago screeching something with helium voice

This,I wish I wasn't living in yuropistan.

But consoles don't have games that require active use of voice chat.

Party chat ruined everything and I'm guilty of it myself. I sometimes play Siege with a friend and we talk privately in party chat even though we probably should be in game chat, but we don't want to piss everyone off talking about non-Siege related stuff. They made it too convoluted to switch from party chat to game chat in the middle of a game.

I'm really hoping the PS5 controller's built in mic has some funky shit where your headset goes to party chat, and the built in mic is like a push to talk game chat mic or something so you don't have to navigate through menus just to say "hey the last guy is in the back right corner of the room" or something.

PC is cool for socialising since there's no excuse to not communicate when you can just type, and stuff like TF2 community servers always have a ton of people talking shit over voice chat. Unfortunately most of them are insufferable Redditors and furries.

everyone was talking during the ps3/360 era and you didn't need a mic to do 360 on cawodudee. That gen feels like absolute shit with multiplayer. Fuck party, fuck discord, fuck the snoy jannies banning you for cursing, fuck this gay timeline.

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The only game where people use voice chat are Xenoverse 2 and Tekken 7 player match/tournies. Every other game is radio silence.

I miss getting ripped on because I was shit in halo3.

If you wanna get ripped on for being shit just play CSGO or R6 Siege.

You still see micspamming 12 year olds in gta online. They are never going away.

If you want to chat, go on discord you fucking tranny. We’re full in our friends chat groups. Dial 8

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Imagine being so underage you missed even the last gen where everyone was screeching like an autist and insulting each other. It was amazing and you'll never experience it. Faggot.

Now I think I'll go back to pc because console are doomed to the same souless mp games with cricket noises in the background.

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I dont chat in game chat, its party chat or no mic. Talking to faggots in game is always an awful experience. I had one guy yell into the mic forever and force me to put a mic in and call him a nigger and block him.

Imagine not being about to play a game without having to constantly chat back and forth. Only faggots require voice communication. Have some instincts for god sake.

Because saying literally anything can get you banned now, so everyone is too scared to say shit. Back in the PS3 days the call of duty pregame lobbies were lit.

I still get into screaming matches with people on COD. Just as God intended

imagine actually giving a fuck about scores/objectives and k/d ratio lmao. I wanna chat to say dumb shit, not to optimize my score faglord.

no one communicates anymore, fucking depressing desu.

It's pretty mcuh the same on pc.. teh snowflakes ruined all communication by introducing Ai ban hammers for saying a "bad word".

user, it'll be hard to take but you deserve the truth: coronavirus killed everyone. I'm the one posting all the messages you're currently seeing on 4chins and controlling all the players online. I don't use the voicechat because it would give me away.

I don't have much time anyway, the sickness is finally doing a number on my lungs, I

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Yeah nobody gives a flying fuck about what you think or want to say. Go to facebook or myspace if you want to act like a retarded faggot.

hell yeah brother!

no u

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You just answered your own question.

>not a single soul uses voice chat
It's not my job to entertain you. Most of us are in parties because we dont have time for shitposters, larpers, and YouTube content creators

Wow, you must really not care. so much that you even replied, you really showed him dad.

>talking to people you can message or call at anytime
>doesnt want to talk to new interesting people with different views and opinions
What a pathetic and boring life

YouTube and twitch ruined voice chat for everyone. Also
>wanting to create a parasocial relationship
That's the pathetic thing. Also why the fuck would I want to "debate" with randos every time I disagree with them. I dont need internet drama to enjoy video games.

Why are you even playing multiplayer games? stay in single player fag-lord, or just play against bots.

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How did Youtubers ruin voice chat?
I live under a rock apparently.

>internet drama
why so serious?

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are you my mom?

Because I can? Who's going to stop me? I dont interact with randos. If someone messages me for help in monster hunter or dauntless I will interact with that person but I dont want internet friends
>thousands of videos of people being put on blast through voice chat get meme's on
>thousands of videos of people making death threats and raging on voice chat also put on blast
>internet drama constantly
Take your pick user