Naughty Dog made female characters less feminine to be trans friendly

>“It’s not really about the sexual objectification of women, ” he explained. “Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes; to say that having big busty women is unrealistic is untrue.”

>He added: “This is only true for trans people. A trans woman can’t naturally grow large breasts, and not all trans people can afford implants. If you see a game where the women are a little less curvy, it’s not to because the game designers are worried about receiving backlash for sexualising women, it’s because they are worried about offending the trans community.”

>“From a design stand point, this is a really challenging problem. I’ve had many board meetings about how to tackle this. Trans people want ‘realistic’ representation in our games, but they feel excluded if they are represented as too masculine or too feminine. That’s why you will see a lot of designers ‘nerfing the female form’ so to speak so that the difference between trans women and cis women is a little less noticeable.”

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people actually play this shit?

Imagine playing vidya in 2020. Btw, this thread is going to die because mods want to create a pro-gamer forum where anti-gaming views are snuffed out.

>lets risk pissing off the majority of our player base to make literally less than 1% of the entire population happier

Abby isn't even a trans woman, she was born with XX chromosomes.
It's just about humiliating straight white men, not defending trans rights.

>snoys will buy this shit

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still not buying it.

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99% of people do not give a fuck about this shit because they're not politics obsessed nutcases

I don't believe this. Also I'm trans and I gravitate towards games with sexy female characters, especially games that let me make them.

if less than 1% of the worlds pop are trans imagine the amount of trans people that actually play these games
>we must appease the 10 trannys who play our games!!!

Why is this board just Yas Forums shit being spammed? Holy fuck the quality of this board is brought down so hard by a few tranny obsessed spammers.

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God what a fucking trainwreck, also I doubt anyone from this trans audience actually buy or play these games.

People bought animal crossing, a much worse "game", the world will be fine.

Who says that being trans means that you still have to have some resemblance to your previous gender? I would think that most of the men who want to transition don't want to have any hints of being a dude at all.

Trans always dress like super sexualised whores. This is the wrong way to appeal to anyone

>mods want to create a pro-gamer forum
but Yas Forums is already racist, anti-semitic and misogynistic

>hat’s why you will see a lot of designers ‘nerfing the female form’ so to speak so that the difference between trans women and cis women is a little less noticeable.
Sounds pretty transphobic to me, were they based after all?

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Clown world. When is this shit going to end?

trans rights

That sounds made up

Never. Resetera will engulf the entire western gaming industry.

the majority of people would prefer to look at a normal looking decently attractive woman, even women.


>worried about offending the trans community

since when does 0.03% of the population get to decide how our entertainment is supposed to be designed? When the fuck was TLOU ever a fucking "trans-centric" game? There wasn't a single trans person in the first game, or the DLC.

It's like they are making up some imaginary patriarch enemy for the sake of good boy points.

Trump's remarks on household disinfectants kinda has Yas Forums in shambles right now so we're getting some refugees here at the moment.

you think someone would just go on Yas Forums and tell lies?

its just right for their sonytranny audience
fuck consoleshitters
fuck cinematic """games"""
fuck women
and fuck minorities

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how is it worse lmao does it have a tranny running around murdering little girls?


>made female characters less feminine to be trans friendly
So they are admitting that trannies are not feminine then?

and think too barely any of that 0.03% wouldve played the first game

You're not fooling anyone.

Corona is gonna cleanse the world of the US plague

>Admits that large breasts aren't unrealistic
>Proceeds to talk about trans rights
I don't know weather this is cringe or based

Reminder that trannies are just cultists. If people were allowed to live as their true selves, as either tomboys or femboys, they would be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, sometimes they get groomed into thinking they have problems that don't exist and that it can only be "treated" with drugs and bodily mutilation. But in reality, no one is ever happy when they "transition". It's just a meme that ruins lives. The tranny fad needs to die and people need to start accepting and loving themselves for who they really are. Natural traps and tomboys who don't get tricked into taking damaging hormones or getting heinous surgeries are always a million times happier and more attractive than these tranny abominations. If you support or enable trannies in any way, you are not a good person. You are part of the problem. Trannies are an active death cult that recruits through bullying, gaslighting and harassment. They go out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable with their true selves so that they feel more dependent upon the tranny cult and its backhanded encouragement. If you have any love for tomboys or androgynous men, or if you just don't like seeing people get hurt, it's your job to speak out against trannyism and point out the damage it causes. It's not a real sexuality. It's not a real identity. It's not even a real mental illness. It's simply a dangerous fad started by fetishists and enabled by politically obsessed sycophants, and it needs to be stopped before more people ruin their bodies and their lives.

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That sounds like bullshit.

No, youre self inserting as a tranny doing womanly tasks on an endless treadmill with zero challenge or decent gameplay. Figures all the tranny posters are Animal Crossing ACTUAL trannies.

I just googled it, it apparently came from the same Naughty Dog employee who leaked the gameplay, several sites are talking about this right now


Women are offensive now.

its gonna get snuffed cause of this degenerate tranny garbage thats shitting up the board, you fucking faggot

lmao seething Yas Forumsincel.

How does it feel to know your kind is dying out?

Sony cucks will still lap it up.

It's apparently not, it came from an Australian news site and it's linking the guy who leaked the gameplay as the source

If I ever had to go into a meeting a discuss how to not "offend" the trans community I would fucking quit on the spot. Fuck this shit.

This is the dumbest fucking shit... Tranny faggots WANT to play as feminine attractive characters so they can self insert AS that character. Why the fuck do you think we all have uwu cute anime catgirl pictures on their twitter accounts?


Reminder that there is no source of this. Yas Forums is so stupid they're eating up propaganda and lies.

Fuck off gay retard. You probably call yourself an egg and wear panties because you're an ugly bald loser that works at gamestop.

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I really do feel bad for gamers of today. Holy shit you have it rough with all this SJW bullshit.

It's okay when Japan does it.

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>board meetings to discuss social issues in videogames
Lol btw remember buying this 60 dollars snoozefest to support the poor developers

didn't read, but stop using hatsune miku for this kind of shit.