Is 47 a virgin?

is 47 a virgin?

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He is Volcel.


Only women can be Volcel

You wouldn't know, every women he may or may not have fucked was killed afterwards.

Can he even coom, considering he's a weird clone.

Hitman smiling is real unnerving.

Didn't he got cloned from a culmination of DNA donated by some dudes?

I am sure they had gotten laid a lot in their lifetime so I guess 47 isn't a virgin technically speaking?

Anyone watched Golgo 13? The worst part of the anime is him constantly fucking women and making female assassins fall in love with him by just having a blank expression. It's like it's written by a 13 year old

When you're a superior human, it's pointless to try and relate and hold generic relationships with the subhumans.

I can relate.

Autism is superior human?

>being a sub

I could imagine him seeing him pay for a high-end escort, but I’m certain he doesn’t do it to not leave any kind of trail and maintain anonymity.

When you think about it, he kinda has to when he is in disguise to make it seem authentic for his targets.

Is 47 47 years old?

He's too much of an autist to desire sex with anyone other than maybe mommy Diana.

he looks young

Golgo 13 was made out to copy Cobra in many ways but without the soul.

>stop acting like that, how old are you anyway? 46? 48?

He'd fuck anyone if it wold get him closer to his target.

No. Professional hitmen are encouraged to have sex frequently, with prostitutes or otherwise, as it does good for both body and mind.
A sexless hitman is a distracted and begruntled hitman, and those are not efficient.

He's addicted to porn

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>I could imagine him seeing him pay for a high-end escort
I certainly couldn't. 47 doesn't give a fuck about such things

I know this is true for boxers and I guess they're literally hitmen.

you mean celibate
the word voluntary is traditionally applicable when coercion is implied

I honestly wouldn't think he has functioning genitalia except forBut he definitely doesn't have any attraction towards whatever he fucks, he's basically designed to be a killing machine, the only emotion he has in the series, excluding the abomination that is Absolution is toward the whore in C47 and the priest from C2, and in both cases it's platonic if even that. He doesn't even get angry

This guy posts "wow! Would love to play with those beautiful melons!" on fat girls' NSFW selfies on reddit

I fucking despise how Diana talks all the fucking time during the missions. Shut the fuck up, I'm doing my 47 work here

He only exists to kill, anything that doesn't directly get him closer to his target is pointless. So yeah he'd fuck, but only for the mission.

anybody have that copy pasta of Diana giving 47 a "mission" to kill her by pretending to be her husband for 50 years before killing her in her sleep?

>He doesn't even get angry
He calls Diana a bitch in a rather perturbed way after she sticks a syringe in him in Blood Money

>47 is hired to kill some dude's whorish cheating ex wife
>47 chokes her with his 7.4" dick

>cyanide laced condom
>still finishes SASO

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No he doesn't, and I should know, because I'm him

>Download Hitman 2016 PS4
>Can't play past the tutorials

Nice free trial play Eurodummies.

Hmm you're right I completely forgot. Best part of the game and that game was a 11/10 btw

Yeah, felt really weird seeing 47 angry

So newborn babies aren't virgins because their parents and all their ancestors fucked?

No but only virgins buy his game now

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That’s like saying you aren’t a virgin because of your parents


Well actually now that I think more on it fairly sure 47 was considered a faulty clone because he showed emotions towards some pet (bird?) in C47 while the 48 generation clones are completely emotionless

He also has some sort of connection with the priest in Silent Assassin, and he seemed to give a slight fuck about Diana. He appears a lot more emotionally invested in her in the new games, though. Don't know about a bird in 47, because I haven't played it, but he also had one in Blood Money. Ended up snapping its neck, though

I don't remember what kind of pet it was but I do remember he got in trouble with some other clone over it and hurt him or maybe even killed him?

I guess 47 was just a sad dude all along :(

I have every single one of the Hitman games on Steam but I only ever played SA back when I bought the physical release+ a bit of the first one, which I dropped kinda fast. Should I still go through with going through all the games?