NuDoom 3 expectations thread

nuDoom 3 expectations thread

can they actually improve something in the sequel or has it reached its peak?

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Hey i just need to vent that i never used the BFG intentionally FUCK THAT THING

also, why did you say nuDoom, isnt eternal pretty redpilled with that whole anti immigration racism they got going on?

is that you, cyber?

Gameplay aside, they actually have to improve their story-telling.
In a game like DOOM, you shouldn't have to wade through menus to understand where you even are. The game has to be "show don't tell" and DOOM 4 did that part right, so they know how to do it, they just need to scale it up.
I couldn't care less about immersion, so that didn't bother me very much on DOOM 5 but the change was so drastic and poorly executed that I thought the team had changed (and if it wasn't for the gameplay, there would be a hard time convincing me the same guys did it).

Actual regular melee mechanics.
Big rework to glorykills.

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If they manage to improve on it I can't fucking wait, Eternal was the best FPS I played this decade

Make the Crucible more fun and engaging to use. Make it charge up on kill streaks or something as opposed to having to pick up a very limited number of charges that are only on a couple of maps.

Tone down the gimmicks a bit. Loved eternal, but the game really didn't need punch, blood punch, glory kill, chainsaw, glory kill and laser sword just for melee attacks.


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They can remove the infinite heals, infinite chainsaws, infinite trash to kill with chainsaw, infinitely tedious loop of killing trash with a chainsaw as a tax to have fun, the platoforming, the 'use right wep kill enemy in 1 hit' design, the busted ice, the glory kills and the shit level design and make an actual doom game instead of serious sam with space marines healing minus any risk of ever taking damage doing it and drowning it in rpg bullshit

Decent online and mod support. Eternal is dead in the water right now until it gets some more content to give it longevity.

remove the atrociously unfun purple goo and water sections

what's that?


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What were those token things the slayer threw on the priest's bodies?

Faster paced and more gothic aesthetics

Eternal did right by giving Doomguy a gothic barbarian vibe and basically finally fused the Doom and Quake art design.

Nekravol was as good of a tribute/update to classic doom levels that I could have ever hoped.

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>>Eternal did right by giving Doomguy a gothic barbarian vibe

>but..but..but... the game is better when i have to stop every 5 seconds and watch an animation!

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More open ended levels like 3 and 4 of DOOM 2016, or Super Gore Nest if it they just opened up some of the locked paths earlier
Better intro like DOOM 2016’s, although Eternal’s gameplay loop is insanely fun once you have every tool, the first few levels felt pretty dull
Better bosses, like DOOM 2016’s
What said, although you could just skip the cutscenes, it still felt like an incredibly disjointed experience. The ship hub was also unnecessary and contributed to this
Maybe limit the upgrade tokens and make them harder to find

Unmakyr is a superior use of Argent ammo in every way. And I don't feel like they give you enough ammo anyway unlike 2016.

It becomes Hot Lava where you hit three buttons sometimes to set demons on fire, punch them or glory kill them.

Massively expanded story featuring fully voiced Slayer storylines and set pieces and cut scenes and an in game codex and holy shit guys check out this Byf lore video.

>Massively expanded story featuring fully voiced Slayer storylines and set pieces and cut scenes
fuck no, go play sony exclusives for that

Not tone down but make them NECESSARY.


Actual level design, no lockdown arenas

This time they can't just add stuff without it becoming a giant cluster fuck.

bruh i ran out of buttons to bind on a keyboard to all the shit in the game
no idea how console players play this

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>crucible replaces blood punch, does a fuck ton of damage but isn’t necessarily an instakill, and resets after a few glory kills. If it does kill you get the slicing animation, if not there’s other custom ones for slicing them apart but they still live
>more glory kills for the same spot on a demon, especially frontways and chest, cuz you end up seeing those a lot, and they rotate randomly
That’s pretty much all I’d want mechanically, except hopefully for new weapons and sub weapons. The eternal gameplay loop is near fucking perfect. Though I really disliked the story and presentation so here’s what I’d like back in 6 (nu3?)
>back to an entirely first person perspective, cutscenes still skip-able if desired
>make Hayden a character again, instead of a plot device
>bring in the wretch demon who made the slayers first praetor suit as a side character
>more original designs, more original bosses
>every boss gets a special scripted glory kill
>make a single character that functions like the marauder but isn’t a respawning mob, but a real character and threatening rival
The icon of sin was a disappointing boss to end on imo. Came out of nowhere, too referential. Mechanically it’s cool, but the gladiator was way more fun.

Has a game filtered players as hard as DOOM + Eternal? Players and critics are seemingly admitting they prefer the braindead overpowered upgrades and weapons in the 16' Doom because it allowed them to play braindead without thinking. Now that there are cooldown abilities to keep track of during combat with resource managment they dislike having to put in more effort and learn the actual mechanics. I was a big advocate that the core gameplay in 16' was fantastic but ruined by OP upgrades that make you think less in combat. But it turns out, despite negative reviews claiming 16' was repetative, some people prefer the dumber combat.

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Oh and I forgot
>mid tier enemies like carcasses, sneks, prowlers, etc only take 2 chainsaw fuel

Dumbest post in the thread. Having enemies that can only be harmed by blood punch or something like that would be awful.

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That already exists in the game. Cyber mancubus is literally wasting your ammo if you try to kill him normal instead of punching his armor off. That said, blood punch is the only special move in the game that I never feel like I’m using practically. I feel like doom guys got plenty of AOE options, and I’d rather see it cut for a real melee system than further developed.


16 is bad
eternal is bad
infinite invincible healing is bad
no long-term resource management is bad
being a brainlet who actually thinks there's any meaningful restriction in either game is bad
stop being bad
t. not bad